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Play with your Xbox Wireless Controller on PCs and tablets running Windows 10; Use the adapter to play PC games or when streaming Xbox One games from the Xbox app to Windows 10; Wirelessly connect the Adapter to your Xbox controller to enable the same gaming experience you are used to on Xbox...

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When I purchased this item the product image and description both showed the newer 66% smaller 2018 version of the adapter. However after the item shipped they changed the main product image to the old 2015 adapter while still leaving the erroneous listing description. What I got in the mail was the old adapter that I already have 2 of and don't need more. I specifically bought this because it was supposed to be the smaller adapter. Buyer beware, this listing is a scam.
It works, I guess it deserves at least one star for that. I'm trying to use an Xbox One controller, wirelessly, with my gaming desktop and it's almost becoming more trouble than it's worth. My BRAND-NEW desktop computer (about 1 month old) got the blue screen of death several weeks ago. I was worried that maybe it was due to poor build quality since it is a prebuilt PC but nope, I looked up the error code (mt7612us.sys) and it's due to some bad driver directly associated with this wireless adapter. This on top of the fact that games for Windows is a joke of a software service and Windows 10, although miles better than Vista, struggles to update itself every few weeks. Does Microsoft understand how to patch, download, install and implement its own software for its own devices? I'm seriously not sure. It would also help if Microsoft bothered to maybe, I don't know, have some sort of native support for a wireless controller for XBOX GAMES THROUGH AN XBOX DIGITAL SERVICE ON A WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM FOR AN XBOX CONTROLLER THAT ALREADY HAS WIRELESS CAPABILITIES BUILT-IN. In case you're wondering, no, all the special Xbox One controller software and drivers you can separately download through Microsoft's webpages don't help your computer recognize a wireless Xbox One controller.I asked a few Best Buy employees for this adapter and they were confused it was even necessary to begin with (and of course they didn't have the product in stock anyways). There are workarounds to get Windows to recognize a wireless Xbox One controller (through some extra steps on a Windows 10 anniversary update...for a game controller...) but the fact that this thing exists in the first place is embarrassing. Thanks Microsoft.
Works as simple as anything could. I plugged it in, Windows 7 searched for and found the appropriate drivers, synced it up with my X-Box Elite controller, it's been working ever since.Warning: Don't plug this in near USB 3.0 ports if you can avoid it. USB 3.0 interferes with wireless devices plugged into neighboring ports and you'll get frequent disconnects. This is a problem with USB 3.0, not this wireless adapter. All wireless devices of any kind will have this problem.

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