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The Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller is engineered for accurate control and enhanced comfort with the feel of the redesigned Wireless Controller. It provides precision control for serious gamers along with responsive thumbsticks, impulse triggers and multiple buttons for precise and active...

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It's a brand new fully functional legitimate Xbox One controller, just without the normal package. Who needs a package? You use the controller, not the cardboard box. Thumbs up on this purchase, going to buy a couple more from them.Edit: for those asking about the headphone jack situation- I added a photo. The white one is the original one I got in my xbox one package. The black one is the bulk packaging one I received through this seller. It has the same headphone jack and they are identical in all ways except the color.
This controller has a better feel to it than any I have used with my XBox One, including the original one that came with it. I have purchased two others so this is the fourth I have used. The first two lasted about a year each. The third was purchased in October and is just like this one, but came from a different vendor. The only difference I can see is that one came in a box and this one in a zip-lock bag. But the biggest difference is function.The joysticks on the other one never felt as solid and it never worked right. However, this one seems to work perfectly. So far I have no complaints. Now I just need to see if it lasts.
I purchased this remote. It came in broken, the movement button stuck so it moved two spaces each time rather than one. Sent it back and requested a replacement. The replacement is also broken, but with the headphone jack rather than the button. Super disappointing and the only controllers I have ever had these issues with. Replacement controller is also being returned and refund requested.

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