Measure Twice, Cut Once: Essential Building Basics for Kids of All Ages

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“Measure Twice, Cut Once” is a fun-filled building adventure that provides kids of all ages with a great introduction to essential carpentry skills. A step-by-step how-to DVD that is centered around a tree fort building project, this DVD features six young men (ages 16 and under) taking on the adventure of constructing their own tree fort, and in the process teaching many important carpentry skills. This film will encourage fathers and sons to pick up their hammers … More >>

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Essential Building Basics for Kids of All Ages

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  1. This DVD is very well done indeed. Measure Twice, Cut Once is a more than a great “how-to” video for young boys, it demonstrates maturity, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, creativity, determination, hard work and then some!

    Not only do you learn various construction terms but you also learn about cost effectiveness and how to obtain scrap lumber and other building materials. Construction terms that you will encounter in this DVD are:

    * pilot hole

    * toe nailing

    * sill

    * plumb

    * sheathing

    * fascia

    * and more

    You will see how to use a chalk line, learn the importance of ensuring the foundation is level, ensuring safety and more. But my favorite quote from the whole episode is from the host, Joey: “Our dad has always made clear to me that construction is a lot like life, without a firm foundation, everything else will be out of line.”

    Get this DVD if you want to know how to build a tree fort…or just for the enjoyment of learning and watching a well-done, family-enriching program.

    PS> The bonus feature, “Like Father, Like Son” is worth the price of the DVD alone!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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