Marvel Blu-ray 3-Pack

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Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: UN
Release Date: 18-NOV-2008
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Marvel Blu-ray 3-Pack

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  1. The Fantastic Four movies were absolutely terrible. Daredevil wasn’t exactly a gem either, but at least it was watchable. My recommendation would be to just pick up the Daredevil movie (if you’re really that interested in it) and not waste money on the other two.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. …but if you bought this you’d then own both Fantastic 4 movies and Daredevil.

    Kidding aside, if you’re a Marvel movie collector or just looking for some brainless action to kickstart your summer in HD, here’s a good chance to do so at a pretty decent price. If you’re an extras nut, you’d be better served buying these separately or waiting for a more in-depth collection. I’m sure Marvel is waiting to put together a “Mega Pack” but when, I have no clue, and I’m betting that premium will be pretty high unlike the nice price point here.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. I am a big fan of the Fantastic 4 movies. They are a good entertaining time. They are no Batman begins or The Dark Knight. But they get the tone of the comics and the animates series. They look Great on Blu ray. I got them for X-mas 2008. I also prefer the directors cut of Dare Devil. Much better better version then the theatrical version. It includes a subplot that was deleted from the theatrical release and shortens the Electra plot line.

    These Blu rays are $29.99 if purchased separate, so even at $49.99 that makes them around 16.50 a movie. I got them after thanksgiving for $39.99, so watch they may go on sale again for that price.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I got these some time ago and never thought to write a review. I paid more, but am happy with my purchase. The films are good, my least favorite was Daredevil, inspite of it being a “Director’s Cut”. I guess they needed to make it sound better? I do like Fantastic Four, though Rise of the Silver Surfer was a bit weak, and kind of brainless….but then, I wasn’t expecting much, so I was not really disappointed. The graphics here are just great, as with most Blu-Rays. For $30 you get 3 Blu-Rays, and depending on your preferences, you can consider, as I did, that you are buying two at $15 each, and then getting Daredevil free. 🙂 However you look at it, it’s a good deal for two and half movies. My son also enjoyed Fantastic Four (both). These are all kind of silly. Do not expect Batman types of plots/story line. You are not getting that here. If you want some fun, and a good price, this might be to your liking.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. the pix a sound r AMAZING!!!!!

    Great Collection for Comic Fans who were Raised Reading these comics!!!!

    some people i Know (my friend =p) complains about the movie (Mainly about the actors & actresses) but he for-Got that when we were young & collecting these Great Comic Books, that we were Dying to See These charters on the Big Screen!

    THANKS STAN LEE^-^!!!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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