Martial Arts Essentials, Vol. 3: Best of the Best Series

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7 Steps of Kung Fu (1979) – A cult classic and a fan favorite. ENGLISH VERSION.SuperPower-(1979)- Starring superstar Billy Chong in this action masterpiece. Fearless Dragons (1981) – A veritable who’s who of Shaw Bros. stars make this a genre favorite. ENGLISH VERSION. Life on the Line (1979) – An inspiration to the Wu Tang Clan and others. Superb action. ENGLISH VERSION Call me Dragon (1974) – Starring Bruce Liang of Kung Fu Hustle fame. This film is the launching pad fo… More >>

Martial Arts Essentials, Vol. 3: Best of the Best Series

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  1. I watched some of these at a friend’s house the other week. I loved it so much that I had to order my own copy. This whole thing is so cool. Its gonna look awesome with the rest of my DVD collection.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Wow what a great deal. If I didn’t already have these movies I would snatch this up ASAP. I will just give a very brief review for each movie. I bought this for a friend of mine, and we watched all of the movies together, so I will be able to go over the picture quality for each movie. And all of these movies are English dubbed.

    SEVEN STEPS OF KUNG FU- in my opinion, this movie features the best fighting performances of all of these actors careers- Chang Shan (the white haired villain), Ricky Cheng Tien Chi, Chia Kai and Tommy Lee. Lung Fei also gets to fight, and it is a great fight, though I don’t think it was quite his alltime best. The movie is pretty much nonstop fights and the finale is one of the best ever. You can’t go wrong with this.

    Rating- 4.5/5

    The picture is widescreen and is decent enough quality.

    CALL ME DRAGON- if you haven’t heard of Bruce Leung Siu Lung, then you need to get with it. He’s one of the best kickers to ever hit the kung fu screen, right there with Hwang Jang Lee and Cassanova Wong. He’s a little guy, but he’s like a million firecrackers all rolled up into one. Watch out when this guy explodes. Yasuaki Kurata is the villain in this movie, and there is tons and tons of awesome fighting with both Kurata and Bruce Leung. I didn’t think it was quite as good of a movie as Little Superman, but it’s very close.


    Picture is full screen and pretty decent quality.

    MY LIFE’S ON THE LINE aka SIXTY SECOND ASSASSIN- Wan Li Peng stars as Minute Fong, one of the baddest dudes you will ever see. I wish I knew why he didn’t have more big roles in his career. This movie is pretty much nonstop fighting, and it is some of the best choreography I have ever seen. And I have to mention Leung Kar Yan. I don’t think he has ever looked more evil than he does in this movie. Great acting job by him, and great fighting performance too!


    Picture is kind of bad, but still more than watchable. Full screen.

    FEARLESS DRAGONS- Leung Kar Yan and Phillip Ko star as 2 thieves who… don’t like eachother. Ummm, how do I say this. This movie is horrible. But, it has some of the best fights you will ever see. Phillip Ko and Leung Kar Yan are really on the top of their games. The secret styles they use at the end will make you forget how bad the rest of the movie is. The final fight is like 12 minutes long. Leung Kar Yan and Phillip Ko vs Johnny Wang Lung Wei. What else do I need to say?


    Picture quality is decent. Full screen.

    SUPERPOWER- very enjoyable movie starring Billy Chong. I can’t say it’s a great kung fu movie, but it is very good. I always have a good time rewatching it because of how many quality fights there are. The villain is another guy who I wish did more movies, Hau Chiu Sing. He’s so oldschool. The way he fights makes him look like he belongs in a movie from 1971. And to me that’s a good thing lol.


    Full screen and decent quality.

    The last movie is a great documentary called Top Fighter. If you are just getting into the genre, you are really going to love this documentary. Even if you know a lot about kung fu movies, it is still a great documentary.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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