Man vs. Food: Season One

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Get ready to stuff yourself as host Adam Rich indulges his longtime passion for food with a culinary quest across the nation. For Adam, food is not just about taste; it’s a competition. The bigger, the spicier, the faster to eat…the better! Whether he’s devouring the Sasquatch Burger in Memphis, Atomic Hot Wings in Pittsburgh or a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta, Adam digs in with zeal, becoming our epicurean guide to gastronomic adventure and performer of foodie feats. Episode… More >>

Man vs. Food: Season One

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  1. I got this for my husband becuase he loves food. Not foo-foo, ritzy food, but greasy, fried, meaty food! We don’t have cable so we’d never even seen an episode, but I’d heard about it from friends and gave it a try. Although I’m sure some people would just cringe at the serving sizes and amounts of butter/grease on display here, we think it’s very entertaining! And my husband always says that watching this show makes him hungry. This was a good buy for never seeing it before and now I think it’s time for a road trip to find some of the “treasures” we’ve seen on here!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. I found this show by accident one night and i’ve been hooked every since. Adam Richman goes from state to state and trys different food challenges. I have no idea how this guy isn’t dead or 500 lbs but that’s a different story. The set comes with 20 epsiodes presented in widescreen and a beautiful crystal clear picture. When you open the dvd up, it features a brief synposis of the epsiodes. It was very convenient to find the epsiode I wanted to watch where he eats that massive pizza. I do however notice more I watch the more annoying Richman can get or it seems like he is forcing himself to say he likes the food. He does not have the same omph like Guy Ferria (or however you spell it) but I still enjoy this program.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. You gotta love a guy who tours the states accepting the most outrageous food challenges this wonderful country has to offer. Ever wonder how big a 6 pound burrito is? How bout a 6 pound burger slapped with a side order of 6 pounds of french fries? Maybe you and a buddy wondered if you could split that 12 pound Carnivore pizza between the 2 of you? Or maybe just chowing down on a dozen chicken wings coated with a half pound of pure habenero chili powder abstract is more your thing?! No matter what the hottest or most plentiful dish your city is famous for this guy is on his way to try and beat it.

    This show truly is Man Vs Food and it honestly is fantastic entertainment! I only give it 4 stars becuz its just not meant for deep philosphical discussion. Conversationa will generally consist of “Holy Cr*p that burgers freakin HUGE!!” and “That curry is so spicy his lips are blistered!!” All and all a great show and a blast to watch. Hurry and watch it before this guy dies on us!!
    Rating: 4 / 5

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