Make Your DVD Player Play Blu-ray Discs! (EASY!)

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Hey guys, this is a very straight-forward tutorial on how to make your DVD player play Blu-ray movies. It doesn’t require ANY real modding or tools! Please enjoy and subscribe. Thanks! (Although this is a simple mod, it may have its risks. Some DVD players also may not behave like others do. I AM NOT liable for ANYTHING that could or could not happen to your DVD player during or after completing this mod. Do this at your own risk. Thanks for reading.)

Update: this video is purely a joke – no need to take major offense, but, I guess, have fun with the comments down there! Again, I have already mentioned that I’m not liable for anything that happens with your DVD player, should you actually believe this troll tutorial. I really don’t expect people to believe this, though… it’s obviously fake. Maybe I’m good at acting like a normal person? IDK – it should be apparent that it’s fake. I didn’t even try when I made this video – I just B.S.’d some random steps on the spot. Be angry at yourself for believing this. It’s not justifiable to be angry at a person if what they are doing is obviously a joke. Then again, people will get angry at ANYTHING, even if it’s obviously only deceptive in a jocular manner. How could I be surprised, though? I once saw an RC car that was said to be able to go through dirt, water, and snow… and then it said at the bottom, “Dirt, water, and snow not included.” Y’see, that’s obviously for people who think that they are entitled to get angry at someone or something, even though it’s clear what’s true and what isn’t. If I were here and lying about something significant, then you could be mad at me. However, if this doesn’t already look fake to all of you, IDK how much more fake it could be.


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