Lonesome Dove

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Experience the Emmy Award-winning masterpiece as never before with Lonesome Dove 2-Disc Collector s Edition. Presented for the first time in Widescreen and 5.1 surround sound, this all-time western classic is now digitally re-mastered with all-new bonus features.Based upon the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Larry McMurtry and set in the late nineteenth century, this sprawling epic of the Old West is the story of the last defiant frontier, a daring cattle drive, and … More >>

Lonesome Dove

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  1. I can not even bring myself to finish watching this movie. When I first started watching it I was somewhat interested since I had heard all of the hype. After watching 20 mins I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I could not believe that anyone could think this was worth watching. Then I thought I might be missing something or not understanding some type of weird humor. I have heard people rant about not being able to wait until the series came to DVD. While watching the 20 mins it felt like some sort of joke that I didn’t get. Now after trying to give it a second and third chance and watching different parts of the movie and hoping it would get better I now am done. This is one of, if not the worst, movies I have ever seen and I can not believe someone was able to talk these well known actors into acting in this movie.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Lonesom Dove dragged on and on and on and on………> It’s very dry, and even though Tommy Lee Jones and other well known stars appeared in it, it still was TERRIBLE. If you want to see a REAL western, watch Wyatt Earp (Lawrence Kasden) – NOW THERE’S A WESTERN!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This movie is a compilation of just about every western cliche ever conceived.

    Hollywood is in the business of packaging excrement and selling it as entertainment. This is a good example. One star only because zero isn’t an option.

    I watched less than an hour of it before giving up in disgust.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I guess I’ll take the hit in offering up my review which is counter to the majority. Poor video/dvd quality aside, the movie itself is fair at best. This is particularly dissapointing considering the subject matter and casting. I found the script to be banal and the cast uninspired in their performances. I consider myself a Duvall fan and was dissappointed in his wooden performace, inconsistent with the “character” ( I was continually reminded throughout the film that he was “acting”). This holds true for most of the principals in the film. I can only assume that this was a result of a poor script, directing or both. This is not a bad movie, just woefully pedestrian. I felt that some of the best performances in the movie were offered by the lessser known actors, perhaps the director was star struck in his execution. I expected more from this movie. I could go on and on, citing continuity/logic problems (how do you keep those linens so white on the trail); Po (cook) deciding to join the cattle drive with complete strangers in less than two seconds; arrrrggggh the miserable nonsense throw-away lines that offer nothing yet help guide a viewer who may not be paying attention or relieve an actor of having to act or the director from having to direct. Certainly this is not the best mini-series made! I did however enjoy watching some of my favorite actors honing thier skills or was it paying their dues?
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. I got this show based on the many high reviews, but when I actually watched it my reaction was very different. The story is beyond gritty, it wallows in dirt. For example,Robert Duvall’s character is physically dirty, he rarely washes (this point is made clear), and has two pigs who are forever rooting in the dirt and eating trash as pets. They chase after him repeatedly, but he never says a kind word to the animals. Instead he curses them and achases them off, and he does so by kicking one leg up at them sidewise, eerily resembling another animal relieving itself. We are apparently meant to take this warmly.

    Duvall and Jones are run-down, crooked derelicts, with no plans in life other than to get by and evade the law. Their idea of work is to venture across the Mexican border and steal livestock. In the first episode we see them sneak up on their hapless Mexican victims and stampede a herd of the Mexicans’ horses, driving them up to Texas and shooting at them while they commit the robbery. They are whooping and laughing while they do it, like this is all a good time. Are we supposed to sympathize with these outlaws? They are not “good guys” in any sense.

    Then there’s meanness and brutality. A young woman is trying to escape from the horrible people in Lonesome Dove, Texas, and, lacking the money for fare, jumps aboard a whisky boat in desperation. This is a small barge manned by half a dozen of the filthiest, meanest, dumbest men you ever want to conjure in your worst nightmare. While she cowers between the whisky barrels, they leer and grin at her, and talk about who’s going to be first with her. About then, the filthiest, most animal-like of them stabes another to death and throws him in the river, announcing that he’s going to marry her. She tells them that she’s married, her voice getting fainter and…I’ll spare you the rest.

    I stopped watching, because it was all too depressing. I’d like to have at least someone to root for. The Duvall and Jones characters are not any form of heroes. They have lapses in their criminality along the way, and maybe some people interpret this as goodness. I did not.

    The characters here are not merely bad, or outlaws, or flawed. They’re rotten, miserable people. I’m sure there were some men like this in the early west, but I’m equally sure there were even more honest and hard working folks. After all, the west did get built. These miscreants, drunkards, woman beaters, murderers and rapists were not the ones who did it.

    This story does not hold a candle to the many better westerns that have come before it. Try watching The Naked Spur or Man From Laramie or The Searchers or many others and see for yourself. Lonesome Dove is a mean-spirited anomaly. I agree with whoever noted that it is definitely NOT for family viewing.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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