Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials Volume 1: Wrist Locks with Alain Burrese

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Joint locks are some of the most versatile techniques found in martial art curriculums. They can be used to submit opponents, control rowdy people, or injure attackers, making them ideal for various self-defense and violent encounters, and a must for anyone working in law enforcement or security. Unfortunately, they can also be some of the most difficult techniques to learn and master. That is until now. The Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials series is a comprehensive gu… More >>

Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials Volume 1: Wrist Locks with Alain Burrese

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  1. rite straight to the core,no fluff you really get what u paid for,alan is a real good instructor n this series is great buy it
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. who wishes to know about the joint locks properly and may not have a Hapkido school in their city,these joint locks dvds of Mr. Alain Burrese are like finding a treasure.

    The instructions are simple, to the point. Joint locks are explained with the help of slow motion actions, close ups etc. Esecially the usage of same lock in different situations like, clothing grab, wrist grab, offensive techniques helps to understand the lock perectly.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. OK, all of us have done it! We’ve purchased DVDs that seem to offer clear insight and instruction regarding specific techniques used in our forms of martial arts. Yet, how many of us have been disappointed to find that the not-so-clear presentations have been poorly illustrated and sequenced?

    Alain Burrese brings to this DVD an entirely different style of presentation that allows the viewer to see (almost feel) the techniques being illustrated. Burrese presents his selection of joint locks within the framework of grounded martial arts practices, so the techniques are never simply isolated movements. Yet, his presentation also allows one to see the details of hand placement, footwork, body positioning, etc. that provide the real power for the execution of these techniques.

    Burrese has a strong sense of presence in front of the camera, and this dramatically improves the quality of his instruction. Not only are the wrist locks clearly explained and illustrated, but they are also reinforced by Burrese’s teaching style, which always includes a summary of what he presents. The camera moves in for close details of each technique after showing the viewer an overall view. Consequently, Burrese never forgets to emphasize that the techniques are rooted firmed in martial arts practices. Yet, Burrese goes further by showing the extreme power of each technique, something that many instructors in dojos are not willing to demonstrate.

    These techniques are, indeed, powerful tools and should be practiced carefully with a partner. They are intended for close, confrontational situations, which are usually the real-life situations where defense is needed. Nothing fancy here. Just straightforward techniques that work. I’ve used some of them before to stop more escalated fight situations, so I know they work. Alain Burrese presents them with the clarity that most instructors cannot.

    As I understand it, the “Lock On” series will be comprised of five DVDs, maybe six. If the rest of the series is anything like this one, they will constitute a classic collection for martial artists practicing any form. Furthermore, one should know that Burrese shows these defense practices because they work for anyone, who can maintain the fundamental concepts of martial arts while executing these techniques. I first encountered Alain Buresse’s presentations in a DVD entitled “Streetfighting Essentials.” I found this to be an invaluable resource, because Burrese was able to bridge the distance between dojo instruction of martial arts and real-life street situations that require quick, spontaneous execution of defense strategies that allow one to survive. With this in mind, I purchased volume I of the “Lock On” series and was pleased to find that Burrese still emphasizes that martial arts practice needs to keep the fighting intent foremost, even after we develop a more philosophical approach to the forms we study.

    “Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials Volume 1” is an invaluable instructional DVD for any martial artist. I expect to see many more DVDs by this Hapkido practitioner, simply because he knows what he is doing and knows how to present this knowledge to others clearly through his combination of words and images. This is a professionally produced DVD that I will use for many years. Thank you, Alain, for sharing your skills.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. One thing I’ve personally enjoyed about all of Burrese’s body of work is his no-nonsense way of presentation. From Hard Won Wisdom to Hapkido Hoshinsul, From Street Fighting Essentials to the new Lock On Series, Burrese simply knows self defense.

    I was excited to receive the evaluation copy of Master Burrese’s new Lock On series of Hapkido Instructional DVDs. As usual, there was no let down.

    Throughout, Burrese keeps safety in mind. He reminds the viewer that respect for one’s training partner is key. Many instructors forget this point, which could cause problems during practice.

    Another bonus of Burrese’s work is that he packs as much information as possible into one DVD. Unlike other production companies which use fillers like promos for their other products, Burrese and Aiki Productions cram as much knowledge into each DVD as possible. As always, you get the biggest bang for your buck.

    The Lock On Series isn’t simply for the novice practitioner. Even the seasoned Hapkidoin will find great material here as well as a good reference source. The novice will find clear, precision instruction on basics, controlling and finishing techniques. The expert will find an invaluable reference on fundamental and advanced techniques and tweaks.

    When watching Burrese in action, you’ll notice his flow and control. Flowing, making a technique fluid and not choppy or hopping around trying to make it work, is essential in Hapkido. Burrese embodies that concept. He emphasizes proper footwork, an oft forgotten key, and whole body technique. He takes time to explain mechanics, a must for Hapkido.

    This isnt a simple run-down of locking techniques. This IS a Master Instructor taking the time to show you step-by-step guidance towards mastery.

    Kudos to Aiki Productions on clear video and audio quality. Audio quality is often lacking with many manufacturers. Aiki does an excellent job here with that as well as the graphical interface of the DVD.

    Melinda Kidder, Owner

    Chajonshim Martial Arts Supply

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. One of the first things that jumped out at me from the onset when I started watching Alain’s “Lock On” series of DVD’s was the simple yet effective approach that he took in the production and presentation of this series of DVD’s. My initial impression was one of being in an actual seminar environment while Alain was teaching instead of merely watching an instructional DVD. You won’t find any pointless or ineffective “bells and whistles” with this series; instead what you will find is good quality instruction covering a wide array of joint locking techniques. This particular DVD focuses on wrist locking techniques.

    Alain’s ability to instruct you on these simple, yet effective wrist locking techniques is the hallmark of a good instructor and it certainly shows in this series. Alain’s approach is straightforward and easy to follow as he takes you through each wrist lock numerous times in order to teach you how to execute each technique correctly. Alain takes great care in his teachings to explain to you how some of these techniques although they may appear to be ineffective, can actually be quite effective if applied under the right set of circumstances.

    I’m going to take a brief moment here to jump ahead to the end of this DVD where Alain explains the three (3) key elements that need to be present in order for these techniques to be effective. Although each one of these key elements is vitally important in their own right, none of them is exclusive in importance to the others when it comes to applying these wrist locks effectively in a combat or self-defense situation. What you have to remember is that these three (3) key elements have to be combined in order to form a symbiotic entity that is only effective when utilized together in an efficient manner.

    These three (3) key elements are as follows:

    1. Surprise: If your opponent doesn’t know what to expect, he is going to have a more difficult time defending against it. However, if your opponent knows what is coming, he is going to be more readily able to counter it, or avoid it all together.

    2. Speed: Executing the techniques shown on this DVD has to be done as fast as possible while still retaining the third key element, which is proper technique. If the technique is executed too slowly, then your opponent will have the opportunity to figure out what you are doing and, as in the case of surprise, be able to counter it or avoid the technique all together.

    3. Proper Technique: This should literally be a “no-brainer,” but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t know how many times I have personally seen or heard of someone trying to apply a particular technique in a given self-defense type situation when they weren’t even executing the technique correctly to begin with. Alain goes to extreme lengths in this series to implore you to practice, practice, and practice, until the techniques he demonstrates become second nature to you where you can execute them correctly without thought or hesitation.

    Alain follows the same instructional format for each one of the various wrist locks shown in this DVD. He starts out by explaining some of the finer points of executing each technique followed by various follow up techniques that can be used on your opponent, if it is needed, after the wrist lock has been applied. He then shows several variations of each wrist lock that all are based on the primary wrist lock that was first shown.

    Alain takes a very realistic approach to the use of wrist locks and attempts to cover several influencing factors that may or may not come into play while attempting to apply them in a real life situation. I myself watched this DVD on three separate occasions and found something that I had previously missed each time. I have no doubt that were I to watch this DVD again after writing this review that I would find something else that I had previously missed.

    One of the many great things that I really enjoy about Alain’s teaching style is his, what I like to refer to as, “nuggets of wisdom” that he injects throughout his instruction process. I too use this in my own personal style of teaching and have found that it is very effective teaching technique.

    I have a rather large collection of instructional videos that I have accumulate over the years and I can say without reservation that Alain’s “Lock On” series is one of the best I have seen so far on the subject of joint techniques. If I were to have only one comment to make on this series, it would be this, “Hurry up and make the rest of them!”
    Rating: 5 / 5

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