LITTJOY For PS4 Controller, Wireless Controller for PS 4,with Dual Vibration/Stereo Headset Jack/Touch Pad / Six-axis Motion Control,Compatible with PS4/Slim/Pro Console, 38.98, 0, $, .

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🎮【 The Third Party controller】This is third party replacement not official controller,The LITTJOY P4 controller is widely compatible with P4/P4 Pro/PC(Win7/8/8.1/10). You can enjoy most of games in multiple platforms with gamepad. Controller for P4 allowing for multiple configurations and...

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I love this controller! I needed a spare controller for when I want others to play on my PS4 but I did not want to spend $70 on a controller that will barely be used. I went through a lot of third party controllers on amazon and most of them seemed to be similar but this one stuck out because of the design and reviews so I went for it. So worth it! Cute, high quality, and won’t break the bank. Will update if anything goes wrong.UPDATE: I used this controller with no issues at first but then ran into a problem, the controller stayed on and lit up as if it was working fine but it refused to connect. I tried everything and even contacted Amazon support trying to find a resolution. Finally, I ended up plugging it into a charging cord (my own, not the one that was included) while plugged into the wall, left it for a second, unplugged it and then tried connecting it again. This reset it and fixed the issue, it has worked perfectly ever since. Wanted to make sure to add this in case anyone else came across a similar situation! Was frustrated at the time but I still love this controller and think it was completely worth it.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Wxcellent ps4 controller replacement. It connected with ease and feels just like a Sony controller. It fits well in my hand and the reaction time is fast. The battery life seems very comparable to my other controllers. I am really happy with this replacement.
I decided to try out this third party controller since the official ones were out of stock. Firstly, the pros:Pros:* It's 30% cheaper than the official controller.* It comes with grippy thumbstick covers which are nice/good quality.* It feels great, and very like the original in terms of surface and shape. In fact, as close as I can tell, the controller shape, button shapes, etc. are *exactly* the same.* It seems to have all the same functionality as the official controller. It works on my PC (wired and wireless via Bluetooth) which is what I wanted to do with it.* The designs are eye-catching.* Build quality seems good.Cons:* It is 25% lighter than the original controller. This isn't a bad thing by itself, but the trade off seems to be that the controls feel slightly cheaper. For example, the D-Pad is slightly more squishy and less pronounced (fine for things like fighting games, not as great for precision like Tetris) the buttons (esp. face buttons) feel a bit more 'hollow', and the share/options buttons are clicky. The springs for the triggers and the analog sticks feel (and sound, if you listen close) cheaper and I'd guess they'd wear out sooner than in the official controller.Conclusion:The biggest let down for me was the D-Pad. I love these controllers because they have great D-Pads, and this one was a bit more rubber membrane-feeling than the official DS4. But none of the shortcomings make this controller bad per se, and it would definitely be fine in a pinch. In my opinion this is the best third-party controller I've tried apart from 8BitDo's lineup. But I would stick to the original controller if the highest quality is what you need. I'm going to keep it though as a handy backup controller!

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