Kyle XY – The Complete First Season – Declassified

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  • When a boy emerges from the forest with no recollection of who he is, a kind social worker takes him into her family and everyone wants to know: who is Kyle XY? As the Trager family works to help Kyle discover his world, they must also address the truths in their own lives as they struggle to adjust to the newest member of their family. “XY marks the hot spot” as TV’s most compelling n

When a boy emerges from the forest with no recollection of who he is, a kind social worker takes him into her family and everyone wants to know: who is Kyle XY? As the Trager family works to help Kyle discover his world, they must also address the truths in their own lives as they struggle to adjust to the newest member of their family. “XY marks the hot spot” as TV’s most compelling new family drama comes to DVD on KYLE XY: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON – DECLASSIFIED. This … More >>

Kyle XY – The Complete First Season – Declassified

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  1. Josh, Kyle’s `foster’ brother claims Kyle must be from another planet – if so, so am I.

    Forget the premise that Kyle is a Supra-genius of unknown origin. That is what drives the show and a decent plot idea. However, pay attention to the writing.

    Poor writing and implausible stories:

    A non-communicative teen shows up in the middle of downtown, naked. He ends up in juvenile detention center in a few hours. I do not think so – he would be in a hospital. 48 hours in the psyche ward minimum.

    A woman whose job, other than `teen counselor’, has no definition – gets custody of same unknown, uncommunicative teen diagnosed as having `traumatic amnesia’. Again, I do not think so. At least, not on the planet I live on.

    Same uncommunicative traumatic amnesiac teen is identified as a possible material witness in a murder – and still, no city social worker, no hospital, no psychiatric evaluation or treatment.

    That is just the first couple of episodes.

    Fast forward to `Kyle Got Game’ [Season 1 Episode 7]. I have two words for a `COMMUNITY CENTER’ basketball coach that orders a teen player to play injured (or else) – `fired’ and `lawsuit’. (We are not talking about a high school football team in Texas – we are talking about a `Community Center’ coach in suburban Seattle.)

    In between are six episodes of the same shoddy, implausible writing.

    Now, give reviewer `Dawn M. Christensen’ – “5 stars for adults 1 star for children” a standing ovation – for calling it as it is. Then I will apologize to `M, Compulsive Reader’ – “Wonder-child in an (un)Brave New World”

    I am sorry, but I do not want this to “be required viewing in every middle-school in the land with discussion following.”

    Yes, the show discusses “teenage sexuality, loyalty, truth, standing up for what’s right.”

    How about:

    – Underage drinking until you throw up and pass out is OK.

    – Teenagers having sex (with no mention of consequences – other than it was not that great)

    – It is okay for teens to sneak out for the night, and to sneak opposite sex teens into their bedrooms at night.

    – Masturbation is a topic of dinner conversation

    – Mom’s not `upset’ that her 16 year old daughter is not a virgin – it is okay, – and we `know’ that our `precious’ 14 year old boy is still a virgin because he still keeps his porno collection hidden under his bed.

    – It is no big deal that our 14 year old is `making book’ (taking sports bets).

    – It is okay for our 16 year old daughter to take an overnight road trip with her boyfriend and another guy without a chaperone (even if that guy is our foster son – the angelic `Kyle’).

    – It is okay for kids to lie to their parents.

    – It is okay for kids to cheat on tests.

    – It is okay for parents to lie FOR their children – to each other and in front of their children.

    – The list goes on…

    The only consequences for these actions by our misfit teens are the nebulous `grounding’ that does not stop these kids from anything and the `no video games or internet’ curse.

    I must be from another planet because this is not the definition of acceptable or normal behavior OR family values. It is certainly not something I want shown in middle school as a discussion `starter’.

    Even though its rating is TV14 – it is a Family Channel staple. Yes, there are shows that are `worse’ – but most of them do not claim to be `family oriented’ or `family friendly’.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. The first DVD in the set is unable to be viewed. The picture is all little squares.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Brought to you by Disney. Disney has come a long way…they have taken a perfectly good concept, good actors and actresses and have sunk miserably in relation to morality.

    Since no one else addresses this issue I will: True to life, you can’t have strong morals without a foundation to build upon…Church and a belief in a higher power are brought into the story line under cloak and dagger, a fake parent lies about the bond with a higher power, while another left it behind long ago. So who’s the good guy?

    Disney portrays it as the one that left it long ago…so with that said is there any wonder why his 13 yr old son is hooked on pornography and masturbation and is excepted behavior (no reaction whatsoever by he or mom to his stash of porno mag.) and it’s projected as cool when he introduces Kyle to porno and masturbation!

    Family morals? Of course not, there’s no real family morality!

    Same with daughter, sister Laura, having sex is just coming of age! No big deal, after all, Dad (thinking back), after 10 shots of tequila on his honeymoon then tells his wife that he was having sex as early as 13.

    That’s a loving picture for a honeymoon memory, Hey mom’s how pleased would you have been had your husband admitted that to you on your honeymoon? Are you laughing? It’s supposed to be funny?

    So in the Teager house – sex of any kind is an ok and permissible. It’s treated as a “coming of age experience”

    Please Disney writers refrain from your liberal and immoral perspective of family values and stick with the story line. Not one of those scenes was even necessary to carry the story for even a moment.

    Is it really that hard to write a 45 min script without trashing it with this unnecessary garbage? As for the excuse of portraying reality, dudes, its sci-fi, you’ve already left reality!

    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. The guy who plays Kyle is soooooooooooooooooooooo hot…. Forget how great the show is, buy it for him.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I love Kyle XY — I bought and downloaded all the season 1 episodes from the iTunes Store to my Mac Mini’s iTunes Library (that’s right I now use Mac computers after switching a few years back from Windows world and have an Intel compatible Mac Mini) and transfered over to my 80 GB video iPod. I am planning to buy an Apple TV in the near future and my first HDTV shortly afterward — I bought it on iTunes because of convenience the store provides, I don’t have to go to a video store to buy it on location and don’t have to pay shipping and handling charges for ordering home delivery — also up till now Kyle XY has only been available on iTunes — no DVD (other shows I bought on iTunes because of cheaper pricing than DVDs or because DVDs released for such shows were theme DVDs with only few episodes — imagine if Buena Vista Home Entertainment had released a theme DVD with only the first 5 episodes of Kyle XY but the entire first season all 10 episodes were on iTunes — that’s not fair to fans who want the DVD — also if you buy the DVD you have more rights to the content — can back up a copy of the videos to your hard drive, convert it for your video iPod etc or play it on your television via your DVD Player, whereas videos bought on the iTunes Store are copy protected with DRM restrictions that cannot be easily removed. Also if you buy the DVD you get bonus features not included in a video on demand (VOD based iTunes purchase) so downloaded video has less advantages than disadvantages but to some until they try video on demand downloads unless they have read the pros and cons in advance they won’t know about these issues. Misinformation is the enemy of anti-DRM activists — the more consumers are informed the less they will support such systems and support content that is not copy protected.

    Buying video on iTunes has some advantages but after a thorough analysis and comprehensive review of the situation I find buying the DVD to be a better choice. Fortunately Buena Vista Home Entertainment is making a season 1 release of Kyle XY with the entire season on DVD.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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