KontrolFreek FPS Freek Inferno for Xbox One Controller | Performance Thumbsticks | 2 High-Rise Concave | Red, 14.99, 0, $, .

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INCREASED ACCURACY - Adds 9.9 mm of added height to increase arc length, resulting in more precise in-game movements and faster target acquisition; ENHANCES GRIP - Non-slip, proprietary rubber compound offers exceptional grip with laser-etched detailing; INCREASED COMFORT - Requires less force...

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Good. Hasn't worn yet and I use them often. All my friends think I'm cool now and will finally talk to me because of these. I highly recommend. Attracts females as well. Good.
These will definitely help with precision aiming in FPS games - but don't put them on both sticks. You want quicker, snappier control for moving with your left stick (where tiny precision movements aren't going to make a difference anyways) while your right stick really benefits from having that finer touch that extending the lever out gives you. Putting it on just one stick also doubles the value of the product, because when one wears out you have the other to put on. If you really want more grip on your left stick for moving around, use a non-extending grip.
These fit perfectly on my XBOX One X controller, the grip is very firm and my fingers no longer slip off the joysticks even if my hands are feeling clammy or sweaty. Both grips sit a little high, but you get used to it quickly. I mostly play CoD: WW2 and these grips noticeably show my improvement in multiplayer online as my K/D increased and headshots and quick-scoping is A LOT easier (for me at least on max sensitivity)! I really like the red color with the black base. It looks really awesome! This is a must buy for a really invested FPS gamer! Trust me, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

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