1. I come from England, and when I read the latest review, I was very angry.

    quote’Simba was a British monarch – Kimba was Gandhi.’quote

    Firstly, Simba was realistic monarch. Not all British kings and queens were bad, take someone like Elizabeth 1st. She couldn’t please everyone at once, but she did the best she could. Simba did the same. Unlike Kimba, who made animals vegetarians. And carnivores would die without meat, despite the ‘meat substitutes.’

    Secondly, Ghandi was one of the greatest people who ever lived, and it’s a tremendous disrespect to compare him to a stupid cartoon character. At least Ghandi resorted to non-violence whilst Kimba forced everyone to be a veggie or get out of his jungle.

    And also why I don’t like this show?

    I found it sexist – the girl lion Kitty. All she did was bat her eyelashes and need to be saved by Kimba, whilst Nala from The Lion King could stick up for herself and was strong, brave and fiery.

    Also as I said before, if you liked meat, you were ‘evil.’ In fact, any carnivore that wasn’t a:



    or a cute baby leopard

    was deemed ‘evil.’ The animals affected are:


    African Wild Dogs


    Black Panthers




    I can’t believe people say that the Lion King is a cheap rip-off of Kimba. I believe Disney, they never heard of him.

    Skip this and watch The Lion King instead.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. What happened? The series finally gets its due on DVD in the US, and Rhino forgot the most important element of this classic Japanese series: THERE IS NO JAPANESE LANGUAGE OPTION!
    How much more do we have to wait until Rhino will get this right?
    People have already complained about the quality of the restoration on this boxset, but is it not even more disgraceful that they do not acknowlege the original dialogue? This is one of the most important and influencial animes ever to come on television. Can Rhino disgrace it even more? Let the people have what they have been waiting for.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. As I’m writing this, I’m 21 years old. The Lion King came out when I was 9 and Kimba came out waaaaaaay before I was born. I love them both! My job in writing this review is not to compare the two or call them rip offs of each other, but to let people know just what a great cartoon Kimba the White Lion really is.

    [By the way, they’re not rip offs of each other. They’re TRIBUTES!! The creator of Kimba was inspired by Disney’s Bambi film and based a lot of elements from Kimba on Bambi, as were the creators of the Lion King (TLK was supposed to be like “Bambi in Africa”). When the animators from TLK made similarities to Kimba, they were probably just paying homage to this awesome little cartoon show. Given the fact that the Lion King team and the Kimba team were both inspired by the same film, then similarities were bound to occur.]

    If you grew up loving the Lion King to death just like me, then it’s MANDATORY that you watch Kimba too! They’re both excellent cartoons! Just because Kimba’s older, it doesn’t mean that it sucks, it just means that it’s a great classic cartoon. End of story. It has a wonderful continuing storyline and beautiful artwork, both in high contrast to the other cartoons of the period. Some of the character voices might seem a little cheesy now, but they’re still great. The animation can also seem minimal at times, but this is expected since cartoons made at the time had much smaller budgets than they do now (and they weren’t made by cheap labor in Korea). When compared to the extremely sparse animation of other cartoons of the period, Kimba seems superior as well as in the general direction and filmography.

    I’d give this box set five stars if it weren’t for the low quality transfer. The picture just doesn’t seem as colorful as it should. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to see how colorful Kimba is SUPPOSED to be.

    Simply put, if you haven’t seen Kimba the White Lion, you’re really missing out on something great. 🙂

    I also reccomend the Lion King (come on, don’t be biased, give it a chance!), Leo the Lion, Robin Hood (the Disney cartoon), Watership Down (the film and the book), the Secret of NIMH, Redwall (the tv series), the Jungle Book (the original book and the Disney cartoon film), Bambi, and Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM (do a search online if you’ve never heard of it).
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. I was delighted to see Kimba offered so I could share it with my sons. It is a wonderful series and it amazing that Disney got away with Lion King without a lawsuit………
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Actually, I’m I big fan of Fred Ladd’s dubbing team for Tezuka’s series from this period (Gigantor and Astro Boy), so I’m not so upset at the lack of a Japanese track on this. In Ladd’s interview to the Gigantor DVD set he talks about the fact that the episodes were mildly recut, so having English and Japanese as an option would not be possible, because they would not stay in synch.
    I do wish more of an effort to find the English language version’s negative had been made. These are merely serviceable DVDs — not quite as awful as dvdreview.com’s review indicates (the 1st episode starts out horribly, so perhaps the reviewer didn’t keep watching to see the mild improvement!).
    I think fans can proceed with caution as to the video quality, but ultimately live with it. Hopefully, as with Gigantor, a second volume will follow.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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