Kikc PS4 Gaming Headset with Mic for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Phone, iPad, PC and Notebook, Controllable Volume Gaming Headphones with Soft Earmuffs, 14.99, 0, $, .

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MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBLE: KIKC Gaming headset works on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, PS3 (Adapter needed), PS Vita, PSP, Nintendo Switch (audio), Nintendo New 3ds/3dsLL(audio), Mobile Phone, iPad, PC, Notebook. Please note you need an extra Microsoft Adapter (Not...

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Overall, it is a great gaming headset. I didn't encounter any problems when using these headphones on PS4, and they worked well out of the box. Design: The design has some good angles and the color selection is simple and clean. Suitable: The fit of the headset is not too high and will not press on your ears or head, so it can extend the game time. Structure: It seems strong enough to meet your gaming needs. The connected 3.5 jack cable is long and well structured and can be hung well. The microphone boom is very flexible and can receive sound well. Audio: The stereo surround sound is good, and I can clearly hear the player crawling. The ambient noise is well shielded and I can stay focused. Not sure about the microphone pickup, but there seems to be no complaints from other players/friends. Overall: Solid purchase and even better price. I actually bought one for a gaming buddy across the pond to play and plan on shelling this out for others. Stellar product.
I am surprised by the excellent performance of this headset! I bought it mainly because I like this color. When I started using it, I felt very happy.The cooling gel ear cushions feel very good, I can play for hours without sweating. The gel keeps my ears cool and the filling is very comfortable-unlike other earphones, this earphone does not make my ears sore. It is also very light, and it feels like nothing is pressing on my head!I sit next to my SO and we play together. If there are these, I can't hear him talking to me. I noticed that in the game, I can hear the sound effects and footsteps more clearly, which undoubtedly improved my gaming experience. This is a good headset, the sound is clear and clear, and very comfortable. Totally worth the price!
Great headset! My old headset was going out on me so I picked this guy up and I couldn't be happier. The noise cancelation is fantastic, but you will probably want your game audio coming through your headset instead of just your TV. That way you can get really emersed without having to turn up your TV to compensate. The sound quality of the headphones is pretty nice as well so you won't miss anything coming through the speakers. In my third picture I show the volume control that's attached to the aux cord and it is very nice. Easy mute switch on one side with adjustable volume control on the other making for easy adjustments while using. I am used to having an adjustable mouth piece, this headset can adjust but only on a swivle. You can't really move it closer to your mouth, however I haven't gotten any complaints about my friend not being able to hear me so it's not a problem, just something to be aware of if you're used to having an adjustable mic. Overall though very happy with this purchase would recommend.

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