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Widescreen/ Blu-Ray PG 13. JumperAmazon.com
As preposterous action movies go, Jumper is pleasantly unpretentious and breezily entertaining. A young man named David (Hayden Christensen) discovers he has the power to teleport (or “jump”) anywhere he can visualize. After using this power to steal and make a comfortable life for himself, he pursues the girl he longed for in school (Rachel Bilson, The O. C.). But as he does so, another jumper (Jamie Bell, Billy … More >>


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  1. There are a couple of other reviewers who’ve made it sound as if this movie, and the book, are creating a new idea here. This is far from the TRUTH!!!

    The greatest teleportation story ever written was authored by Alfred Bester (still only a book – nowwwww, that would be a movie!!!), and it was called, “The Stars my Destination”.

    The first teleportation story ever written was a short story called “Dangerous Dimension” by L. Ron Hubbard authored in the 40’s. Both “Dangerous” and “Stars” earn the hallowed mantle of “CLASSIC”, and I will be terribly disappointed if the both of them don’t make it to the Silver Screen sometime in the near future. “Stars” could actually be made into a trilogy. It is that good, and I recommend everyone read both books.

    They are . . . awesomely . . . classic.

    Ian Shillington N.D.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. the speical effexs was good, decent but the story could of been better. through out the story i heard people i audiance say and ask waht did tha mean, doyou know waht that ment? i heard a few say you go me i’m lost, so againt he story could of been better the fx’s was good but story nto so good
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. This movie is proof positive that Hayden Christensen’s really bad acting as Anakin Skywalker was not some fluke of poor editing or directorial control by George Lucas. No, this is all Hayden Christensen. Why people in Hollywood continue to give him major roles when there are so many other male actors out there who are just as good if not better is just beyond me.

    Could it be those dark overhanging eyebrows? Seen from a certain angle, it makes him look like a brooding Calvin Klein male model, which is probably what he should be doing for a living instead of pretending to act. Seen from other angles, however, it makes him look positively early-Neanderthal.

    As for the rest of the movie, Bleccchhh. Rachel Bilson couldn’t act either and there was absolutely no chemistry between them.

    The strangest part of the movie is that the younger high school versions of these two characters – Max Theriot and AnnaSophia Robb, were far more attractive, sympathetic actors, who actually looked like they could act. Rachel Bilson doesn’t look or act anything like AnnaSophia Robb and it was quite jarring to see her all of a sudden introduced as the older version of the same character. It would have been far more interesting to have let the two younger actors continue as older versions of themselves for the rest of the movie.

    There are SO MANY plot holes in this movie. Here’s just one: Early in the movie, David Rice picks up this incredibly beautiful blonde in a bar in England. And then he leaves her, still in bed, for his old girlfriend from high school, who by this time is no longer the beautiful AnnaSophia Robb but has turned into the much plainer and whinier Rachel Bilson. Maybe that’s why he tried to dump her for the rest of the movie.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. “Hey guys, it’s me, Hayden Christensen and I’m starring in this really neat movie called Jumper. Me and Paul Walker both graduated from the same acting school. You can tell by the same emotionless, wooden, and monotone performances with both give. Some people think I had no business being in the Star Wars movies, but I think lots of people loved my emotionless, wooden, and monotone performance as a young Darth Vader.

    Anyway, back to Jumper. It’s a really cool movie, with lots of cool action, and a super cool chick (who I of course score with!). I have no idea what an actor like Samuel L. Jackson is doing in my movie, but I’m happy to have him. I especially like his Dennis Rodman hair color job, which makes him an even more convincing bad guy! I know Jumper was panned by the critics and I can’t figure out why. I promise it really wasn’t a poorly acted, poorly written, super boring movie. Please buy my movie and watch me jump all over the place; one minute I’m in Japan, then I’m in Egypt, then I’m in England, and then even Hawaii. What’s really rad however is I actually take a plane to Italy. Too cool, super cool actually!”
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. All the actors here just go through the motions, especially the no talent hack by the name of Hayden Christensen. Rachel Bilson is oh so cute, but her acting could use some work as well. We all know Sam Jackson doesn’t turn down a paycheck and he just cashed in here. The special effects were neat and the story did have potential, but it really was just a complete mess. I don’t know if I could have taken more than 85 minutes of Jumper. The tagline “anywhere is possible” is fitting for a movie that I wish applied to me while watching it. Maybe anywhere else is possible would make more sense than sitting through this film again.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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