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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 12/08/2009 Run time: 123 minutes Rating: Pg13Amazon.com
Julie & Julia is a film that should be relished with gusto–accompanied by the freshest and best ingredients, pounds of butter, and bottles of the very best wine. It lovingly celebrates the life of one of American food’s most influential and beloved figureheads: Julia Child–played here with zest, humor, and a sweet, subtle respect by Meryl Streep, whose… More >>

Julie & Julia

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  1. This is a curious film. It is in two parts presents in an overlapping function. One is a drawn out going nowhere account of Julia Childs many years of writing a 700 page cookery book, the other is about Julie Powell (contemporary, and about whom they said, “Who?”) Julie is surprised to find she is a writer and is respected for the quality of her blog about copying Julia Childs’s recipes.

    Meryl Streep plays Julia Childs as if she is continually drunk or on the happy pills. What is it? A local accent, or was JC continually drunk or on the happy pills? Does one have to be American to understand such a strange way of speaking? Are there people in the US who actually speak like that?

    The film is long and seems to be going nowhere, and the impression is that someone made a film about Julia Childs, realized it was dull, drawn out, and boring, and decided to add something novel to rescue a botched effort. The fact that someone became obsessed with re-creating Julia Childs’s recipes over a whole year and write about her experiences in an internet blog seems to have been a story that has been cobbled on to salvage something from the efforts.

    Julia Childs did not realize how unrealistic and unworldly she was, or how unscrupulous she was with her French collaborators, and Julie Powell was equally unworldly and did not realize that she was a good writer.

    This film is a mish-mash and will baffle and certainly not please anyone who is not American

    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. Excelente pelicula. Meryl Streep, como siempre, se lucio. Para los que vimos a Julia Child por TV, estuvo espectacular. No solo la presentacion de como una persona puede tener una influencia positiva en otra sino tambien la motivacion que uno mismo puede alcanzar siguendo un modelo. Definitivamente voy a comprar la pelicula tan pronto este disponible.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I was in the movie theater with eight friends, enoying this movie, when Julia Child’s parents were introduced. They were depicted as horrible, conservative, California Republicans. The actors turned their parts into cardboard characters — no depth, no complexity. The movie dismissed them as a joke. Later in the movie, more disparaging remarks are made about Republicans by Julie’s boss. These scenes reflect much of the current need by Hollywood to denegrate anything conservative.

    The worst part of the film, however, was the point where Julia Child’s husband utters a gutter curse word. It was so jarring. There was absolutely no need for him to do that. He could have said something else and still made his point. It was a “shock” point which immediately took me out of the film. I suddenly saw two actors, not Julia and her husband. There are so few films these days without explicit sex, violence and/or profanity. While the movie had some tender and even funny moments, they were ruined by the director’s choice to use offensive language and to put down certain groups. I had great hopes for this film, but now I will not buy it.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Don’t buy this garbage! Don’t waste your money making someone, who is undeserving, a millionaire. If you’re a fan of Julia Child, then go directly to the source and spend your hard earned money on her product. The US media gave way too much attention to someone who is a narcissistic bloodsucking opportunist. Then again, in these troubled times, there’s nothing better than diverting the public’s attention by panem et circenses. What is very disturbing is that not only did someone, who cooked Julia Child’s recipes as millions of women have done for decades, and scammed sick days with pay from the government via the taxpayer while doing so, (No wonder our country is in such financial disorder with government workers doing this and their bosses allowing them to do so!) but she blogged about it with foul language and Julia Child herself did not approve of Mrs. Powell. And yet, this woman was given massive media attention for simply cooking recipes and blogging in a disrespectful manner. Simply amazing! Then again, that’s the US media!

    Not only is this woman offered media attention and massive deals by the media, she is now selling a book about Julia Child and herself, very egotistical to think we even care about her. And really, we don’t. She is no one except another scammer. While alive, Julia Child obviously recognized this. Julia Child worked many years to accomplish what she did, and a year after she dies; this opportunist publishes a book about herself linking herself to Julia Child. Even the title stinks of self-importance: Julie and Julia not Julia and Julie. Just who is the famous person here who worked many, many years?! Certainly not the unstable Julie who is first depicted in the title?! That takes extreme nerve since Mrs. Powell has admittedly not completed anything in her life and should have even been fired from her job and also because Mrs. Child herself was not pleased with Mrs. Powell’s bloodsucking opportunistic venture!

    And if Mrs. Child was alive, would she have sued Mrs. Powell or the book publisher for doing so? It’s no coincidence the book was published one year after Mrs. Child’s death, and I must stress once again Mrs. Child did not approve of Mrs. Powell or her endeavors. I wonder if the estate has delved into this matter at all. In fact, the estate should really check into plagiarism since Mrs. Powell no doubt had to take information directly from Mrs. Child’s book and biography in order to create her writing of Mrs. Child’s life. And this obviously was not done with Mrs. Child’s assistance or approval. The publisher should have reprinted Mrs. Child’s own work rather than giving another bloodsucker an opportunity to exploit someone else’s hard work, and the director should have also not taken the easy way out, and she should have created her screenplay from Mrs. Child’s own memoirs keeping Ms. Streep to play the starring role. Save your money and stop making scammers wealthy!

    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. We were really enjoying this movied until Paul, Julia’s husband used the “F” word. The movied was wonderful up to that point. It was not needed at all and we feel the only reason the producer put it in was to not get a “G” rating. Wake up producers; there is nothing wrong with “G” movies.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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