Journey Live In Manila

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Filmed with RED technology, which utilizes special 4K high-definition cameras with a resolution exceeding 35mm film that gives the footage an extra dynamic quality, this 2-DVD set captures Journey’s historic concert in Manila, Philippines. Performing more than two hours worth of classic favorites, as well as new hits from the band’s latest album, Revelation, Live In Manila documents the triumphant homecoming of the band’s singer Arnel Pineda.
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Journey Live In Manila

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  1. Why would you pay 32.00 for something that you can get for 10.00 at walmart. Don’t waste your money PLUS it will be out on bluray before Christmas. WAIT FOR IT!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I just received my dvd Joureny – Live in Manila and was greatly disappointed. It was grainy….lacking detail…camera angles varied from ok to too dark, and the worse part was that the audio was not in synch with video at many points. All of my audio equipment is in excellent condition. I am a BIG Journey fan and I love them but I can’t understand if they made a mistake in releasing this inferior quality dvd or is it only my dvd copy. (??) There is NO comparison to the dvd copy in Revelations album last year live in Las Vegas. Revelations is much better produced…clear as a bell..detail amazing…sound fabulous. I am at a loss. To make this more intriguing I see that Walmart, the only retail outlet licensed to sell “Live in Manila”, has pulled it off their mail order list after only 1 week. I can’t easily get to a Walmart as there are none in NYC, to check their shelves for a copy. Why if the DVD debuted at “#1 live dvd” Oct 15 would Walmart pull it off their mailing order list after only 1 week. They made a small fortune on Revelations. Do they know something we don’t…or maybe we do know now. Can anyone shed some light on this? I can tolerate a lot when it comes to Journey but this dvd quality stinks!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Let’s get the qualifications out of the way first. I’ve been a Journey fan since 1977 or so, and have seen them live nearly a dozen times on the Evolution, Departure, ROR and post-Perry tours. I’m also a professional musician. Therefore, I can sum up this DVD with the following sentence.


    I had very high hopes for this disc, but any enjoyment I might’ve gotten out of it is severely dampened by the fact that Cain acts like he would rather be getting a root canal than performing for thirty thousand people. I’ve been onstage for crowds one third that size, and I have to say it’s pretty invigorating. Maybe he just doesn’t like Pineda. Maybe he wanted to be the lead singer. Who knows. But, jeez Louise, I swear the guy looks bored out of his mind. Don’t agree? Watch it again.

    Apart from the sleepwalking Mr. Cain, the show is great. Deen chimes in with a few tunes and does a spectacular job; he is so good that, when I saw the band with Augeri in Colorado Springs and they launched into ‘Patiently,’ I and about half the crowd thought that the band had reconciled with Perry for an Anniversary show or something.

    I don’t know what Jonathan’s problem is, but I certainly hope he doesn’t become a weight around the band as they try to rightfully enjoy the success they’ve been denied for a dozen years or more.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. I recommended it, but 3 stars, Why? Cool show, excellent play list, and amazing camera shots. No lyrics”subtitles” on screen, no dts, the 5.1 sound is so,so,so if you have a nice home theater you will miss the sound. Arnel is an amazing singer, Dean sings in some songs (still they ride, mother, father are really for Dean), the beginning of open arms is great. 2:20 running time, 16:9.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. i own other concert dvd’s by journey and by far this is the best one yet. to shot it in arnel’s hometown was a great idea. i also wish that they had bonus features. arnel gives steve perry a run for the money on his engery level. for those who think that is not journey without steve perry they need to listen to arnel and realize that arnel is better than steve.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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