iVoler Carrying Storage Case for Nintendo Switch, Portable Travel All Protective Hard Messenger Bag Soft Lining 18 Games for Switch Console Pro Controller & Accessories Black, 36.99, 0, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Deluxe Travel Carrying Case. Specially designed to make your whole Nintendo Switch system even more portable & travel friendly. Comfortable handle strap is ideal for carrying. Large storage is suitable to take all the Nintendo Switch accessories...

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I had been looking for a Switch case for the last few months that would carry the system, games and accessories wherever I needed to go. Only problem was that the smaller cases I found would hold the switch and possibly some games, however, I wasn’t able to carry along the cables or dock in case I wanted to connect to a tv elsewhere when I travel. The cases that I found that did were large, like a full backpack or messenger bag and not at all convenient. I’ve been using this case the last few days over the holidays while seeing friends and this thing is amazing. It actually even holds better than what the case description shows on Amazon and the sleeve that covers the case when you first open the box that it’s shipped in (several pictures included). I can carry the Switch with joycons, dock, power supply, pro controller, joycon controller, 18 total cart games, headphones and likely other accessories I can’t think of all in one compact case. Major bonus points that this case feels and is sturdy where I feel that my Switch and equipment are completely safe. If you’re looking for something convenient to carry around most of, if not all of your Switch gear- you’ve come to the right place. Highly highly recommend!
The product is exactly as advertised. I am happy with it overall. I would caution other buyers about three aspects of the case:(1) The mesh is too small and tight for my liking. It is difficult to fit much in the mesh without either straining the mesh to a distressing degree or putting so much pressure on the objects in the mesh that you worry about whether the products are being too tightly constrained.(2) The side-slots, advertised as being for the joy cons + grips, are snug. As a general matter, that's good; the joy cons + grip should not rattle around in those slots. But the tradeoff is that if a grip is (a) wider or (b) longer than the grip that comes with the Switch, that non-standard grip may not fit in those side-slots.(3) The strap that comes with the case is miniscule. I hoped for something I could wear along my shoulder and maybe across my chest. But that is not doable with this strap. I regrettably do not have a ruler to measure the strap, but it is no longer than a foot. The strap's length makes it virtually useless if you intended to use it for easier portability—assuming you aren't a 3- or 4-year-old, of course. The strap still has its uses: for example, hanging the case from a rack. But unfortunately it offers little else.Overall, it's a good case. It feels impressively sturdy. It looks nondescript; people will be less likely to steal your Switch when using this case, as opposed to some other cases that brazenly advertise their valuable contents. And it does hold almost everything you could possibly want to carry. I would purchase this case again.I will update this review if my opinions change. Thank you for reading.
I like the product. It is very sturdy, has all the compartments you need and easy to carry. Inside the package a note from ivoler says to email them for life time warranty. Sounded nice, so we are trying to sign up for it and oh boy so many steps! First you have to email them then they send you back with a link which takes you to Facebook messenger then it leads to a google form and they ask you again the order number etc etc and right before you can submit it makes you write a amazon review! And need the link to the review! And thus why I am here. I really like the product but couldn’t they have made the step much more easier by telling me up front all the steps I have to do in the first place and just through email?!

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