Ink Official Trailer 1 (HD)

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RENT THE ENTIRE FILM NOW ON YOUTUBE! For signed discs, visit the INK Store at: INK is also available on Netflix, Blockbuster, iTunes, and many others. All discs are region-free and will ship around the world. This is the 3rd trailer for INK, directed by Jamin Winans http Incredible Ain’t it Cool News Review:

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  1. @youngmoneyoh10

    Better than Inception? Are you @%#$ crazy?

  2. you can watch it free on hulu πŸ™‚

  3. Reply
    FillionDollarSmile July 18, 2010 at 2:34 am

    @fngnation Thanks for the heads up… I think i may wathch it πŸ™‚

  4. @youngmoneyoh10
    damn your comment was spot on my friend! spot ON! Only perfection, haha I love it.

  5. @FillionDollarSmile

    yeah it looks OK but once you watch it, you’ll be amazed. Hands down best movie in a looooong long time. First 20 mins or so you’re like ehhhhh i dunno about all the hype. Then you get to the end and think to yourself, thank God I watched that and got to be apart of it.

  6. @FillionDollarSmile

    watch the movie then say its just “OK” lol.

  7. Reply
    FillionDollarSmile July 18, 2010 at 4:56 am

    It looks OK…
    But i would say the best bit was the..
    Lady’s Voice: “When you got to sleep, do you like having dreams? When you sleep, people like me come.. And we give you, your family and everyone you know good dreams”
    Childs Voice: “Who gives the Nightmares”

  8. This beats out anything and after just watching an advanced screener of Inception, which btw is amazing too. This movie still beats it! It doesnt just beat it, it trumps it! Inception is pretty freaking amazing too though. Inception Might take 2 watches to fully appreciate it. Surprized Hollywood made such a good movie. So glad an indie made such a perfect movie with Ink though. The musical scores, fight scenes, not to mention the plot, all perfected. PERFECT MOVIE, only perfection!

  9. @JaqJaq43
    Its called, Johns Walk, from the official Ink soundtrack.

  10. whats the name of the song played at 00:52 second in of this movie trailer?

  11. Im a father of a 4yo daughter this movie made me cry like a baby.. only got worse as the movie progressed… spectacular good movie..

  12. Absolutely incredible soundtrack, wish the same could be said about the acting.

  13. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    Wonderful scenes, music and story…
    Beatiful actors who ar cut out for this..
    Jamin Winans, A greate job !
    You should not have an Oscar,,,
    That is to low for you and yours..
    Gratings from Norway.

  14. This movie is on NETFLIX! I just got done watching it and it was such a good movie. At the begining i was very skeptic of it with how it jumped around. But it is a very well laid out film and i can’t wait to watch it again!!!!! 5/5 10/10 500/100 πŸ™‚ I would recomend!

  15. So I just watched this after forgetting about seeing like a year ago. Such an amazing movie! It is SO original, regardless if it was ‘weird’. But it was a good weird. I thought the fight scenes were also REALLY cool and unique. The music is what made it go from great to amazing though. Such emotional songs and beats were presented throughout the WHOLE movie. The end fight scenes are the best obviously, and I will admit – being a guy, I got a teary eyed at the end, as did my parents and bro.

  16. after stumbling on this trailer i remember a friend of mine put this on my external drive (also remember him telling me he wasn’t impressed, that’s why i haven’t checked it sooner) but had to see it right away. well, i don’t know what planet my friend’s from (though i have a hunch…) but i was VERY impressed with this! seems original filmmakers DO still exist! havin seen this and Spin being my fav shortfilm ever i gotta check out the other double edge flicks pronto! (and BUY ink)

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  18. Danke fΓΌr diesen Film, ich habe seid langem keinen mehr gesehen der mich so begeister hat wie dieser.

  19. 1:56 what in the hell?

  20. This film is amazing for a low budget, shot in Denver with Denver actors movie. Jamin is amazing! Got to meet him at the Lyric in Old Town. Spectacular film!! Leaves me speechless.

  21. This movie made me cry =/ Thanks a lot. Though it was amazing.

  22. This film, hence I can’t even bare to call it a movie. Is an awe inspiring, beautiful, visual, revolutionary, masterpiece. It surpasses every ‘movie’ out there. This film is, for lack of better words, a brilliant work of art. Words could not even begin to convey how ‘epic’ and ‘perfect’ this film really is. ‘Only Perfection’.

  23. not to mention the music is so inspiring and melds so well with this movie. it’ll move you and drive you.

  24. this movie realle is epic! like many, first 20 or so mins i wasnt impressed but then it pulled me in and then by end ur like my God. This movie is rated 10/10 from me, its damn near perfect and way different than traditional hollywood movies.

  25. @Triad3Force i kind of hate it (shit tipping fail)

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