Independence Day

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One of the biggest box office hits of all time delivers the ultimate encounter when mysterious and powerful aliens launch an all-out invasion against the human race. The spectacle begins when massive spaceships appear in Earth’s skies. But wonder turns to terror as the ships blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet. Now the world’s only hope lies with a determinded band of survivors, uniting for one last strike against the invaders – before it’s th… More >>

Independence Day

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  1. I shelled out $1.50 of my hard-earned money to see this goofy movie at the budget theatre, even though I had a pretty good idea that this was stupid beyond belief. Why would I do such a thing? Simply put, seeing the White House getting blown up was sort of fun, and $1.50 isn’t that punitive of a price to pay for the guilty pleasure of a few special effects.

    However, I didn’t anticipate the movie being as stupid & corny as it turned out to be. I don’t know what was harder to take — the jingoistic “only good old American know-how can save us now” mentality (I guess no other country has the capacity for organizing a simple air attack), or the notion that you can take down an entire invasion fleet with a virus implanted by a pipsqueak laptop computer (which would probably STILL be trying to plant that virus, even today!).

    It wasn’t particularly an issue that there were holes in the plot. Most viewers have come to expect that. However, these holes were unashamedly gaping holes, accompanied by ridiculous dialogue and disengaged acting that just makes the viewer cringe, or at least it should. Anyone with a brain should have been groaning through most of this film, and the folks that paid full price for this are deserving of our pity.

    So what were we left with, after all the plot holes & bad acting? A bunch of really nifty explosions, which is great if you were fortunate to see them on the big screen. However, if you are hoping for a similar impact from the special effects, you will be in for a disappointment. This really is a film best experienced in a movie theatre. On a television, even with the biggest of screens, the viewer is left with the impression of cardboard models being blown up with firecrackers, thus making the movie uniformly stupid. Of course, since the special effects were the only redeeming feature about this movie, there truly is no point in watching it at all now. Save your time & your money.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. What a yawnfest! I’m not surprised Americans would get worked up about the White House being blown up but talk about projection! The US is the most aggressive nation ever. So, small wonder it would be the ultimate threat if an alien army attacked the US.

    In other words, it is perfectly ok for the US to attack any country but heaven forbid if anyone, human or alien, attacks the US.

    Dull plot, dull everything, no amount of special effects can make up for that.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Let’s examine the premise of this movie for a moment, shall we? Extraterrestrial craft have been visiting the earth for millennia. There were craft painted onto walls by prehistoric peoples. The nearest star is four light years away, meaning at the level of technology possessed by humans currently, it would take centuries at best for them to arrive here even from the NEAREST of an infinite number of stars in the universe. So, they must have craft that can considerably exceed the speed of light. If any civilization in possession of that kind of hugely advanced technology had wanted to destroy humans, it could easily have done so long ago. However, they have not.

    No, dear people, the threat is not extraterrestrials. It is ourselves. Humans are doing a magnificent job of threatening the survival of humanity, thank you very much. Films like this, not to mention its upcoming sequel by another name, are nothing but a low-ball attempt to whip up a frenzy of militaristic paranoia so that people won’t notice that they’re being robbed blind every day by the same military-industrial complex portrayed as our great salvation in movies like this. In fact, I suspect that that same establishment had some major role in the making of this film.

    Do you want to be horrified? Leave this film behind and look instead at what humans are doing to their habitat and to one another. THERE is the real shocker! Movies like this do nothing but dumb down the masses, who unfortunately seem to like being spoon-fed this kind of mindless, idiotic drivel.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. The special effects and aliens and ship designs were awesome, but the plot was so ludacris I just couldn’t take it seriously. Will Smith is a godawful actor. Don’t you think he is pretty upbeat considering he believes that his girlfriend, her kid and dog are all dead, and that his best friend died right in front of him in combat? But in the end, it is Goldbloom’s charector that is more annoying. So he’s a genius and smart enough to save the world, yet he doesn’t want a better job. What kind of IDIOT would want to work in a TV STATION?!? I guess those years in college actually taught him nothing except how to fix TVs and make comp. viruses. At Area 51 when the alien goes crazy and kills everybody the alien repeatedly shrieks even though its doesn’t have vocal chords. Then the guy asks if that glass is bulletproof. The answer is no. What?! The main laboratory in a multi-billion dollar government facility and the glass is not bulletproof? Why did Aliens destroy the Empire State Building? This is not the center of New York, nor is it a pivitol role in the functioning of the city, like the White House. But then again, it looks as if the aliens are very bad planners in all areas of fighting. When fighters are descending on El Toro, NOT ONE of the planes is hit during the attack. Later, you see a bunch of alien fighters descending on Area 51, and once again NOT ONE of the RVs or planes outside are hit. The scene where the woman and her son are in the tunnel and dive into the closet when the blast is coming, she actually waits for her pet to jump in, apparently more concerned about the dog than her own son. A fire that intense would have just entered the room and killed all three of them. Even worse, that fire would have sucked all the oxygen out of the tunnel, and the room, even with the door closed. They would have simply suffocated. When Will Smith’s character is flying against the alien, and they both crash, he walks over to the craft, and leaving aside that he has no idea how to open it, he opens it anyway, and proceeds to punch out the alien with one hit, and it leave it unconcious for the next however long it took them to get to the base. Now wouldnt the aliens come up with a better battle suit that one that can survive a crash into a rock wall, but is still open to the sucker punch? The movie’s most offensive crime is completely ignoring all the other countries in the world except America. There is the weak attempt to show that the rest of the world exists when we see two Russian officers recieving orders from the US. Why are the rest of the world’s forces in hiding, can’t other military forces do things by themselves? How is it that when the aliens are destroying the world, the only weapons we have are 2-3 types of fighter planes, no cruise missles, Aircraft carriers, Battleships, AA cannons, helicopters, or for that matter ANY OTHER BRANCH OF MILITARY? In the middle of the movie, they try to destroy a ship with nukes in stealth bombers. They are very concerned that it will create a lot of damage… yet they fire at the SIDE of the ship instead of the top. Will Smith’s chacter was able to fly directly to his lady love even though the city had been destroyed. The president volunteers to fly in a fighter, apparently not caring what the country will do without him should he be killed, or worrying about his own daughter, whom has already dealt with the loss of her mother and one would think he could better take care of her by living and not stupidly risking his life by flying into a battle he contributed absoloutly nothing to. The military and government would not refer to Area 51 as Area 51. That is not it’s official name. Has Coke won the cola wars? Every can, every soft drink in the movie is a coke can. When David wants to demonstrate his ability to disable the Alien shields, he asks the major to shoot at a Coke can placed on the exterior of the ship. The major’s shot is deflected by the shield, causing the bullet to ricochet around the room. He then does his little thing on the computer, and asks the major to give it another try. Everybody in the room must have had absolute faith that his idea worked because when the major takes his second shot, not one single person showed the slightest bit of apprehension over the idea of another bullet ricocheting all over the place. Not only does the craft itself look nothing like what witnesses describe the Roswell craft, but there is a lot of talk about it crashing in the 50’s. The actual Roswell Incident took place in 1947. Of course it could be an older model, but then it would be a clear give-away in the virus-installing action. Did anyone notice the seats in the 40 year old space craft are designed for humans? There is no way the aliens could have sat in those seats because of their size & shape. Plus, the ship had seatbelts. The two didn’t need oxygen masks or any sort of oxygen-supplying equipment. The virus is perhaps the stupidest thing about the whole movie. Some yahoo who is not even smart enough to get a better job can think better and program better than all the top-level scientists at Area 51?! Isn’t it a little odd that a race of creatures who are capable of building a city-sized spaceship with impenerable shields and all sorts of weapons are not able to fix a simple computer virus? Just couldn’t find a working firewall in outer space, huh?
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. trite, unbelieveable, predictable, overrated, mindless Hollywood garbage. Will Smith once agains proves he has no talent. the movie is aimed at pre-adolescents and anyone else who has the brain of one. most Americans will love this since it formulated for their mental capabilities: gum-chomping, mall-inhabiting morons. if this description fits you, well, sit back and enjoy! if not, don’t waste a minute of your time with this waste of film.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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