IMAX: Solarmax

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Every 11 years the sun’s poles reverse with unimaginable violence. The peak of the storm is called a solarmax. The hottest film under the sun, Solarmax is a breathtaking exploration into the awesome vastness ande mysterious power of our closest star. Take a unique journey through time and space and experience the sun’s cever force and beauty. Witness a total eclipse and the magnificence of the Aurora Borealis, viewed from both Earth and space. Real images captured b… More >>

IMAX: Solarmax

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  1. I just bought a copy of Solar Max on Blu-ray today Monday, January 18, 2010. I have wanted this title since I saw it on cable a few years ago. I get it home, pop it into the player and hit “play movie”. It plays and the picture is beautiful but there are subtitles on the screen at the bottom. I go to the “special features” section of the disc menu and you can choose from different audio selections and below audio is the subtitle languages. But, there is no selection for no subtitles.

    Does anyone know if this IMAX film originally had subtitles on the print? I can’t imagine that though.

    We should be able to see this great film with NO SUBTITLES on the screen. Or at least a way to turn them off. I did not see a way to disable the subtitles.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I just sat through the whole video and I must say I won’t be doing a rerun anytime soon. I jhad expected to see great videos of the sun but instead almost 90% of the videos was spent on earth rather than in space where the sun is. There were long narrations of the methodologies involved in this production, the locations where the images were shot as well as the instruments itself. There were not enough visuals of the sun itself and I had expected to see how the sun was born in relation to our galaxy, graphic representations of the sun’s surfaces and its behaviour. Even the Solarmax itself (changing of the sun’s poles every 11 years) and its consequences were not adequately depicted graphically and that is supposed to be the title of the dvd. Also the narration was drowned out by the author’s voice every now and then. So unless you are a member of the scientific community I don’t see how this dvd can hold one’s interest. I had thought that the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) would be the saving grace. Unfortunately the resolutuion of that phenomenon was inadequate (certainly no 1080p) and I had seen much better images in other programme. All in all, a big disappointment.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. I’ve seen a lot of IMAX films, and this is easily one of the best I’ve seen (I was even lucky enough to see this in the OMNIMAX). If you’re a big fan of the Sun, like myself, then you’ll love it. Intense images from SOHO combined with an awesome soundtrack equals pure GOODNESS.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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