HyperX Cloud Stinger Core – Gaming Headset for PS4, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One headset, Over-Ear Wired Headset with Mic, Passive Noise Cancelling, VR (HX-HSCSC-BK), 29.99, 39.99, $, .

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The product is compatible with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; Optimized for comfort and convenience. Circumaural closed back type; Two-year warranty and free tech support; PC and Laptop compatibility may require a 4-pole Y-Splitter (Not Included); Headset connection is 3.5 millimeter plug 4 pole....

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So my headphones just reached it's one year mark. Exactly one year ago, they arrived and to this day they are still holding up perfectly. The headphones were $40; a pretty cheap price for headphones. Not only are these inexpensive, but they're also just an overall amazing product. The only drawback I have noticed using these headphones for a year is probably its' inability to increase to a loud volume, however they are impressive at cancelling outside noise anyways. If you're still skeptical about the headset, think about it like this; If you're a casual gamer who plays games when you have free time, definitely invest in this product. If you find that gaming is beyond a hobby, then maybe consider buying a more expensive set. Normal consumers like myself will probably not notice the difference with the quality of this headset compared to a $150 one.
Getting down to the nitty-gritty, we all know the HyperX brand from Kingston. With their extremely successful line of gaming headsets with the most popular being the Cloud II's and for good reason, the drawback to that headset is the price at 99$. So will a more budget oriented headset check all the right boxes? Um, no not really. Because these cans suffer the same defect that all cheap gaming headsets have. In terms of sound quality; these give the first impression of balance until you turn up the volume just a little bit, and you realize that the bass is extremely muddy, and the treble is just terrible with the higher frequency just being peaky and sharp, and those two response categories end up drowning out the mids for not very great sound all-around.Comfort is actually something I'd recommend this for, the earcups have some swivel and articulation for different head sizes with a flexible headband the compensate for that as well, and the earcups are made of breathable materials to not get hot over long sessions of gaming. But the earcups are on the shallow side to the point my ears come into contact with the plastic housing of the drivers, more padding internally would've been nice.Build quality is fine, an all plastic construction with a good amount of flexibility in the headband. However, the joints and the permanently attached dual cable worries me, as they do not feel like they are meant to be handled with any good amount of force.Lastly, what you would all like to know is "how good is the mic?" well to be frank; so many headsets these days have great microphones aside from a few stinkers like the Logitech options, so the mic on this headset comes off as below average. The bass pickup on it is nice for a deeper voice like me, but like the sound quality of the drivers, it produces muddy low-end responses. The mic pivots about 100 degrees and bends to create a good position to compensate for your liking.
These headphones are AMAZING. I bought them for my wife and she loves them. Not only does she use them for gaming, but also for listening to music and videos because the quality is just great. They block out most background noise, so they are great for immersive gaming sessions. I use them sometimes to watch relaxation videos because they do a great job of noise isolation. Highly recommend!

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