HORI Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Wired Controller Officially Licensed by Nintendo – Nintendo Switch;, 15.57, 19.99, $, .

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Officially licensed by Nintendo. After three decades of innovation as Nintendo's original peripheral licensee, HORI's done it again with the HORIPAD for Nintendo Switch. This sturdy, high-performance controller boasts an array of features including fast-action trigger shoulder buttons, a...

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PROS:-Wired- $30-Turbo Feature-PC compatibleYMMV:-Dpad-WiredCONS:-No HD Rumble-No GyroThis controllers main selling point outside of being wired is obviously the D-pad. For starters the D-pad is pretty much a floating D-pad much like what you'd find on Sega Consoles (albeit much cheaper feeling), so it's not a traditional cross D-pad . I know this can be a deal breaker for some but I'd say performance has been pretty good so far, with no unintended inputs yet. Now there is one thing I should mention and thats the Turbo placement: it's kinda close to the D-pad. It seems the D-pad also has turbo functions so if for whatever reason you hit it while moving turbo will activate on the dpad, so be careful.Overall it's a solid controller and the D-pad is good for what it is, though it will take some getting used to if you aren't big on float pads.
Hori are gods when it comes to wired and cheap controllers for consoles.This is no exception.The analog sticks are a godsend compared to the ones on the joy cons, and while the dpad may not be as appealing as the ones on the official Pro Controller from Nintendo, it's still miles ahead of the buttons on the joy con substituted for one.The triggers feel solid and the larger buttons means it feels great in the hands.The only fault I can see is the lack of vibration motors (since Hori have also released a controller recently for the PS4 which strangely uses the same mold of this controller) and the lack of lights anywhere to show the controller actually being plugged in.For it's price, the controller is fantastic.If you're looking for an extra controller for party games, or want something that offers the "lag free" experience for a cheap price, you cannot go wrong with this one.Looking forward to any other controllers Hori has on the horizon for the Switch!
I bought this for the trigger function to avoid breaking Pro Controller by too many hitting button.With this pad, you can do auto leveling on Hyrule Warriors. Trigger hold Y and A at certain stage (not all stage).When I play manually, I just set trigger for Y only (not trigger hold).For Pokemon Quest, you can do semi-automatic fight. Trigger hold Y and R.Someone may say that's hardware cheat. Well, this is officially licensed product from Nintendo and it is normal usage.You may able to avoid some injuries by too much hitting button.Once you own, you'll find more creative usage.

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