Hit Man: David Foster And Friends

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The spectacular one night only concert of David Foster and Friends is now available on Blu Ray disc. Spotlighting #1 hits, award winning songs and other favorites.The May 23, 2008 show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was unforgettable. Now ‘Hit Man: David Foster & Friends’ scores a direct hit with music fans at home…. More >>

Hit Man: David Foster And Friends

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  1. I am about to buy this product, PLEASE CONFIRM THE ASPECT RATIO! anybody who already has this concert in Blu Ray please confirm… The DVD is widescreen, WHY the Blu Ray version isn’t?? or is it??
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I goofed and didn’t read the reviews. Yes, I should have read the reviews before I ordered it.

    I was hoping to learn his secrets of 1st Class writing — My Error. Like they say in New York: “Live and Loin”.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. I thought I knew a lot about pop culture. I was surprised I never heard of David Foster before. That’s probably because writers/producers don’t get much publicity; the singers do. So when Foster came up with the idea of staging a concert where all of his friends sing his songs, he made himself as well known to the general public as his singers. Few behind-the-scenes writers/producers have ever done this, with notable exceptions being Quincy Jones and screenwriter William Goldman.

    As a college freshman in 1981, I loved Earth, Wind & Fire’s “After the Love Has Gone.” Foster wrote that? Yes. If you don’t know of Foster already, you’ll be going through that Q&A many times during the concert. (And many more times when you read his companion autobiography, which I was inspired to read after seeing the concert.) I won’t go over the songs he’s written or the singers he’s worked with because there are too many. But in looking over the song list for this concert, you’ll never see as much talent on one stage singing their biggest hits as you’ll see here.

    You can tell someone has a transcendent talent when he makes you enjoy songs or music genres that you don’t usually enjoy. (Luther Vandross and Barry Manilow do that for me when they sing other artists’ songs, and they’re two of the few who are good enough to confidently venture into that territory regularly.) For example, I’m not a big fan of Andrea Bocelli’s music. But when he sang “The Prayer” with Katherine McPhee, it brought me to another place, like a church, or an opera. Having them sing alternately in Italian and English was inspired music. (As a special treat, watch closely as Bocelli holds the final note for as long as the New York Giants gave Eli Manning time to complete that impossible fourth down pass to David Tyree in the 2008 Super Bowl. McPhee has to take a breath to stay with him, and even then she can’t. At the end, she throws up her hands as if to say “How does he do it?”.) I gained a newfound respect for both singers, and I think only Foster could do that for “casual” music fans like me.

    As another example, I vaguely only heard of Michael Buble and never heard of country (ugh!) singer Blake Shelton. When they did a duet on “Home”, I loved the song and it made me feel like I was in my childhood home, in the backwoods of a small Pennsylvania town, with a freshly baked apple pie sitting on the window sill in the late afternoon. They say that at their best, food and music take people back to another time, to another place, make them feel pleasurable emotions, or remember fond memories. These songs did that; they had substance, they were nourishing, like food for the soul.

    You could tell that Foster loves and admires his singers and their talent, like they admire his. When Brian McKnight hits an impossibly high note on “After the Love Has Gone”, Foster can’t help but talk over the song (why can’t he, it’s his song?) with an “Oh yeah!” to show his admiration for his talent. I loved it because I yelled the same thing. Foster does that throughout the night, as would you if Michael Jordan took the stage, followed by Larry Bird, followed by Magic Johnson, etc.

    The only reason I did not give this concert a rating of 5 is because of a brief segment when Foster introduced some new young talent for the first time. Yes, the 14-year-old girl sang way beyond her years, but I thought she was out of place among more established veterans. But that’s a small quibble. Foster finds new talent and launches their careers. That’s what he does, that’s been part of the theme for his career, so it wasn’t totally out of character for the evening.

    There’s a lot here for any music fan to enjoy. Dance songs, ballads, thoughtful songs, inspirational songs, everything. With so many stars in attendance to pay homage to the man who launched or guided their careers, this is a concert that you would go to wearing a suit and tie. In fact, I cooked up a special meal for my wife and I to pair with this concert: butter lettuce with oranges, avocado, and shallot vinaigrette; lentils braised in red wine; quail and sausages braised in grapes; grilled polenta; paired with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. Oh yeah!

    Foster said he thinks Bocelli is the closest thing to Mozart that the music world has in terms of talent. That inspired us to watch “Amadeus” afterwards on blu-ray. Both concerts looked and sounded great. David, thanks for a special evening and a special career creating many of my favorite songs with my favorite artists. And if you’re ever up in San Franciso, look me up — I want to say thanks and cook for you!

    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. I bought this Blu-ray pretty much based on all the wonderful reviews here at Amazon. On firing it up in my Oppo blu-ray player with B&W speaker setup, I was instantly impressed with the quality of both the audio and video. Even in dark scenes, sharpness and clarity are excellent. It’s simply one of the best music concert recordings I’ve seen.

    I also really enjoyed some of the performances.

    Now for the reason I have since sold this on Ebay. When the credits rolled, I just didn’t see myself wanting to watch it again. The concert itself was recorded in Las Vegas and feels very “showy”. It feels almost like the whole thing has been done to feed David Foster’s ego on how great he is to have produced these artists. And showing low-res video clips like the Bodyguard mid-concert, please..

    If however you like the artists and don’t mind a slightly cheesy Las Vegas show, this Blu-ray won’t disappoint.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. I ordered the Blue Ray by mistake. When I was trying to figure out how to return them, Amazon couldn’t find any record of my purchases.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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