Hip Hop Unleashed

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Studio: Repnet Llc Release Date: 09/25/2007… More >>

Hip Hop Unleashed

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  1. This one is led by Cory, a red-haired, muscular guy who looks to have had taken dance classes. It’s the usual non-decorated large room w/concrete floors. The lighting, camera & editing are good. There are two backup women who TRY to follow along, who I feel bad for. Cory only repeats new moves, only sometimes does some moves in 1/2 speed & only cues w/minimal words as possible. He doesn’t ever actually explain anything. You’d have to be a dance student or be comfortable/know basic hip hop to do this, and I don’t meant just other hip hop workout dvds.

    Fairly in the beginning, after a couple hops, he turns & pops his knee 2x? w/extra step flourish. Never does he mention the pop in the knee, etc. to make it look cool, rather then just a simple, boring half turn. Several times the girls were lost & the girls couldn’t do the knees pops either, they just did the best they could, sometimes even totally lost here & there. Cory seem more interested in showing off what he’s learned then teaching.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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