Hip Hop For Weightloss Workout

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This workout includes cool and funky hip hop moves that will raise your heart rate and have you sweating and smiling all at the same time. Get lost in the beat and let go as you move and groove with us. – Amazon.com description… More >>

Hip Hop For Weightloss Workout

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  1. This is from a bunch of dvds from Denise Druce who has a gym club called “She & co.” The dvd has intro to Denise (owner), the workout & about the club.

    This like all the other dvds are low budget, 1 maybe 2 angles & rarely zooms in if ever, but decent sound & if good content & instructor, it can be ignored.

    Missy Jones has a great personality, she keeps you from getting bored. On the other DVD “Non-Stop Hip Hop” (which is has moves that won’t make you even feel a heart rate) She says she has 12 years of dance experience & loves it & it does show. Her backup dancers can’t dance, though they are better then the dancers in Missy’s other dvd.

    This 35 min workout starts with a 8 min warm-up consisting of easy dance moves & head roll that is the start of the routine. The layout is the usual, learn one move, repeat 4x, learn another, redo both, do another move, redo all 3… The 8 min cool cool down has better stretching of the shoulders, torso, hips & legs & has plie.

    I did get my heart rate up & felt like I got good cardio & learned some new moves as well as learning to move my body to the beat better.

    The pros are hip, easy enough to follow dance moves, fun/lively instructor, good pace, decent beat “music” that did work for me to keep me going as well.

    The cons are Missy never goes in 1/2 speed when learning, she doesn’t have to go snail’s pace, but half speed would help since she only gives minimal cues & counts like most dance aerobic videos. Even with that w/the repetition which I needed she gave a good amount w/o being too much & I was able to get the moves well enough even the first time. The production values are also low, but deal able & the background dancers are annoying, but are good if helps Missy stay her lively self.

    I finally found their site at fitessentials net which has previews of a 5 of their 19 dvds.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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