Hip Hop For Weight Loss Workout

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Dance your way to a slimmer physique with HIP HOP FOR WEIGHT LOSS. This program demonstrates funk and hip-hop dancing patterns that will get your heart rate up and burn fat off your entire body…. More >>

Hip Hop For Weight Loss Workout

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  1. This is the second DVD that I’ve bought from Denise Druce’s Fitness Essentials series, the first featuring perhaps the worst bellydance instructor on this planet, and deserving of the one-star reviews it received.

    Here’s how I gave this one three stars:

    Dancer Cory Rivers gives a five-star performance.

    Producer Denise Druce merits negative 2 stars.

    Cory’s dance moves are clear, crisp, and well-defined, but fast-paced and complex. His clothing is simple so one can see and analyze where he places his center of gravity. It’s a joy to see him pull together the low center of the tapdancer with the undulating torso of a Brazilian samba dancer.


    It’s definitely NOT “for beginners”! If you can analyze dance for yourself, you’ll be able to do this workout well. If you can’t, too bad – Denise forgot to tell Cory to break down any moves at all!

    Who is the woman on the front of the package? Who knows!

    Who are Heather and Darla, the lead-footed goofs behind Cory?

    Why is Cory never mentioned on the package?

    Why does the set serve as a low-budget commercial for Fitness Essentials?

    Where is that Bonus Section promised in the text?

    Nevertheless, I’m keeping the tape. For Cory.

    Rating: 3 / 5

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