Hestia Goods Switch Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch, With 20 Games Cartridges Protective Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories, Black, 11.99, 25.99, $, .

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High Quality Case - High Quality Durable hard shell Protect your Nintendo Switch Console free from scratches. A Hook Loop Secures the Nintendo Switch inside the case (We have replaced two elastic straps with a Tab,It is a lot easier to put in and take out the Switch with a Tab), make your switch...

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When I decided to buy a Mumba Protective case, I wanted to make sure i got a carrying case to go with it. I strangely found this one and glad i did!The amount of hidden features shows how much thought went into designing a case so many companies are mass producing and getting wrong.1st, the case houses the Switch PERFECTLY with my Mumba Case on. And is able to close with no problem. A matter of fact. I'm able to keep my analog stick extenders on as it can still close with ease as well (as long as top compartment isn't fully packed).I like how discrete the outside is as it's just a normal bag in appearance. It's a very nice hard shell wrapped in a nylon-feeling material. And the inside zipper is woven too (which I was actively looking for which many companies failed at). I wish the exterior handle strap was thicker in appearance, but has yet to show any wear and tear.The 20 slot game cartridge holding design is smart as well along with its soft padding backs for the switch and anything else you put in between. Many companies I've seen neglect the space in the bottom middle to accommodate the velcro strap to hold the switch, but this one completely nails it by just putting it slightly overlapping a cartridge sleeve. So 1 extra than other cases similar to this one.I hope the pictures give this case justice. As its pricetag is so much worth it compared to VERY similar cases trying to do the same thing, but missing th mark on these hidden features and making them even more expensive than this one.
This is very good case!Plenty of room! Fits my 20000mah battery pack, headphones, joy-con hand strap things, and 6ft charging cable!With all that, it gets kind of heavy, so it’s nice to have the carrying strap, which is also feels pretty sturdy.And with all the game cars slots, I feel like I’m not gonna run out of space fast... but it does make me wanna spend a lot of cash on some cartridges to fill it up fast ;)And last but not least, my Swtich feels very safe in this thing when I throw it my backup.Definitely recommend it!
most other reviews I'd just be parroting at this pointpros for our household:fits switch with mumia hardcase + 2 extra joycons + other goodieslooks sturdy, and makes good use of space (isn't too bulky for no reason)will do a good job at a good pricecons:phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeee does it stink coming out of the box. let it air out for a couple days - I'm use to products made overseas sometimes having an offputting smell to them chemically but this thing smelled like 1000 burnt ladies bugs when it arrived. (don't ask how I know ugh)

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