Heroes of Scotland Boxed Set – William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Rob Roy

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This unique box set traces stories of three of Scotland’s greatest warriors. It features specially-commissioned reconstructions, and re-enactments, dramatized ‘eye-witness’ accounts, on-location footage and, of course, the rugged beauty of the Scottish countryside. Informative, but always entertaining, The Heroes Of Scotland provides an atmospheric and authentic record of three Scottish legends. Titles in the set are Rob Roy –The True Story, William Wallace –The … More >>

Heroes of Scotland Boxed Set – William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Rob Roy

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  1. If your looking for some key moments in Scottish history this DVD has you covered. Covers the greats of Wallace, Bruce and Rob Roy. all very defining.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This product sounded so good, but boy does it lack. Of the three DVD’s that all claim to be 50 minutes, one is 38 minutes with a lot of filler, and another is 42 minutes with some filler. Although some of the costumes and scenery are nice, the quality of the filming is poor. This all could have been done with less filler on one DVD and it would have been more enjoyable. As it is, when they tried to stretch each topic to try to fill up close to half a DVD, the lack of organization and the excess filler made this set a really big waste of money. The studio needs to edit out the filler and release it again on one DVD for less than half the price to even come close to making this worth watching.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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