HD Moods: FIRE

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Imagine fireside scenes so lifelike and captivating, you can feel the heat on your face and smell the familiar smoky scent of the hearth. HD Moods Fire is a spectacular display of cinema-quality high definition for your HDTV. It features five soothing scenes to choose from, including a crackling wood-burning fire, a peaceful modern gas fireplace and a beach bonfire so realistic you ll wish you had s mores! Seasonal fires include a gothic-style fireplace with a spook… More >>

HD Moods: FIRE

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  1. OK, so maybe it is because I have a new bluray player and this is my first blu-ray disc, but nowhere in the instructions manual does it say autoplay…

    The disc plays automatically, there is no menu option to select any other scenes, when I hit “disc menu” on the remote I get the icon that says “nope”…

    Looks like a great disc but I was hoping for a bit of variety and I only get one scene…
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I doesn’t put out a lot of heat unless you have a plasma. 🙂 But it works. Nice clean menu. Video quality is great!

    Again for the price you can’t really go wrong. I only gave it 3 stars cause it didn’t “Wow” me much.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. real nice picture. I’m not a fan of the holiday fireplace one. The sparks, crackling could be better. Only wish that this BR could have a longer loop allowing variations in a fire progression. Seems too stagnent like a short loop over and over. Nice picture and color though
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. I bought the three pack (fireplace, aquarium, and space). I thought the fireplace was the weakest of the three. It’s just a fire, albeit a super high res one! The aquarium has fish moving around and is interesting to watch. The space one, though, is by far my favorite. It has tons of very high quality images plus a mode where you fly though the galaxy with stars going past you. It’s really mesmerizing. Cool way to show off your tv or just to have in the background.

    All in all, totally worth the $10 I paid.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. On a Christmas Eve in the early ’80’s, a local TV station played a tape the station owner had recorded of a fire burning in the fireplace at his home, including the occasional poking at the fire and his hand appearing out of nowhere to throw on another log. I put it on the TV during our Christmas Eve party as a gag – how could a fake TV fire be anything but ridiculous – and soon found all of our guests gathered in the family room in front of the TV “fireplace”, while the Christmas tree stood alone in the living room. It became a fixture of our Christmas Eve celebrations ever since, guests always joking, “how’s the fire going?” when they arrive. A few Decembers later a newspaper article reported that the TV station would be changing owners in January and that this could be the last chance to watch “Yule Log” on channel 36 (apparently the “Yule Log” show had attracted enough viewers to warrant an article about its demise). With that information and a handy VCR tape, the TV fireplace tradition survived in our home.

    Well, 25 Christmas Eves later, the VHS tape is nearly worn out and now that we have a big-screen TV and the kids (who weren’t even born when the tape was recorded) a Playstation 3, I was looking for a Blu-ray “Yule Log” replacement. I’ve actually bought a few and this one is my favorite. The High-def picture is very sharp and you get a selection of several fireplaces, including one decorated for Christmas. My other two fireplace discs don’t look nearly as sharp, like they were recorded in a definition lower than HD and then just copied onto a Blu-ray disc. There are two soundtracks, either the crackling of the fire or Christmas music.

    Of course, the big question is how does it stack up against the original, 25 year old “Yule Log”? While the picture on this disc is MUCH sharper, the camera is pulled back away from the fire to show the entire fireplace, where I prefer the fire to nearly fill the TV screen – after all the disc is titled “HD Fire”, not “HD Fireplace”. Also, the Christmas decorations on the Christmas fireplace are a little cheesey, so I just select the standard fireplace track. But wait! If you show a different fireplace you don’t get the Christmas music! Which is just as well because the Christmas tunes are played by a single annoying bell-like instrument and it grates on your nerves after a short while, so I just play my own CD’s on the stereo.

    Bottom line: a beautifully vivid fire that is sure to please, but it’s not perfect due to the wide shot of the fireplace and poor Christmas music.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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