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Rob Zombie (The Devil’s Rejects), “modern American horror’s most eccentric and surprising filmmaker,” (Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Times) reinvents the ultimate slasher classic, unleashing Michael Myers for a bloody rollercoaster of a rampage like fans have never seen. Including a retelling of the original story that unfolds at a breakneck pace, as well as a chilling new introduction that finally reveals the secrets behind Myers’ disturbing childhood, Halloween breathes new… More >>


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  1. just a tip that box set IS NOT worth it. If you want all the movies> walmart has halloween 1 for $10, H-2, H-3 combo pack for i think $8.00 and then theres BEst bUY whom has H-4, H-5 for $15 ea. Walmart just got in recently a NEW odd never seen b4 till recent a box set of Halloween 6, 7, 8 combo for $15. Buy it if yur a hard core fan. Good $ price for 3 movies!! Plus just about anywhere has the 2007 vs of halloween for about $20 i think. so for bout $85 you can get all the Halloween movies if you got the $$$ and are a hard core fan! SOOOO wish a produceers cut of H=6 would come out. I heard its about 45min of additional footage that the theatrical release didnt show?? for whatever reason… SO there you go… AND another Halloween movie a sequal from last years (2007) will be out in 2009 i heard>?? who knows the more remakes and or ssequals they make there just ruining what few great halloween movies there are currently. If there going to make a sequal make one w/ john(josh hartnett) lauries son coming back and facing michael one last time or something like that. who knows what those joker producers will end up doing???
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. First off, the original Halloween is my favorite horror film and I knew with Rob Zombie directing, things would get very twisted. The constant swearing (this coming from a guy who watched HBO’s Deadwood) was way too frequent in the first twenty minutes. Thankfully that thinned out as the story progressed. It felt too much like the recent Texas Chainsaw remakes for my tastes. The acting wasn’t as bad as most critics are saying and some of the dialogue actually made me laugh a bit. This is a very brutal movie to say the least. Even when Rob doesn’t show a lot of gore, the way he films some of the murders is flat out disturbing (especially the ones involving young Michael).

    I’m glad he kept the famous music and didn’t shy away from showing some nudity. The MPAA seems to feel that showing a little skin is worse than peeling it off someone and deep frying it. What are these suits thinking?

    The back story was nearly an hour long (1/2 hour too long) and the second half with the girls felt rushed. You just get to know them and in the next scene they are dead.

    Overall, Rob didn’t impress or disappoint me too much. This is really the kind of film I figured he would turn in. For me, I liked Michael Myers better as a mystery.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. As a die-hard fan of Carpenter’s classic, I was incredibly dissapointed & angry at this lame, trashy remake.

    The problem with this “Halloween” is:

    1. Zombie needs to stop, & I mean stop, casting his films with entire casts from his previous films. The entire cast from “Devil’s Rejects” is here & it was really annoying. He also needs to bring his films into the present. Enough with the white trash 70’s.

    2. The film spends way, way too much time in Michael’s youth. He kills his sister – we know this going into the picture, since we’re versed in Carpenter’s original. This makes the movie sag like William Forsythe’s stomach. Putting a human face on Michael Myers was also a big mistake.

    In the original, the grown up Michael was known as “The Shape”, for the simple reason being, is that behind that mask was the simple definition of pure evil incarnate. In Zombie’s remake, basically, Myers turns out to be just another a-hole gone psychotic from a byproduct of white trash American society. Get him a job at the local post office & he would fit right in.

    3. The timeline in this film is totally f***ed. I can only assume that the beginning of this film starts on Halloween of 1978, since little Mikey is listening to “God Of Thunder”, has a Kiss t-shirt on, & the entire atmosphere looks like, at least, poor whitetrash mid-seventies. So add 15 years to 1978 add at least 2 or 3 more for good measure & you still come up to 1995, 96 at best. Thats all well & good until Lynda tries to make a call on her cell phone, topless, in the Myers house.

    4. Tyler Mane as Michael Myers. I really had no problem with this until he first shows up in his cell in a bathrobe & slippers. Its gets worse as he turns around with an orange mask on his face that reminded me of the WWE’s Kane. I was waiting for the Undertaker to show up for god’s sake! “Rest in Peace”? You bet.

    5. Michael actually catches Laurie – & doesn’t kill her. What!?!? That’s like Wyle E. Coyote catching The Road Runner, turning to the audience, & saying, “What do I do now?”

    6. The score. Not here it isn’t. Carpenter’s haunting opening theme is used in Zombie’s film 4 times at best & at all the wrong times. Zombie uses old school 70’s tunes during different scenes. Not bad, but this is “Halloween” not “High School Musical”.

    7. Its not scary. It’s almost like watching an epiosde of A&E’s “Cold Case File” or “American Justice”. Zombie doesn’t really set any tone or atmosphere for the film. Its just one set piece after another.

    8. The ending. Absolute bull***t.

    Stick with Carpenter’s eternal classic, because next Halloween this remake will be forgotten, like last years autumn leaves
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I can change the text but I cannot change the star rating. Anyways, I didnt like this movie at first. It took me about three minutes until I changed my mind. Rob Zombie set the story straight and I like how he was very honest about this movie. Its a very good movie if your not looking for a complete scene to scene remake of the original. Thanks to Rob Zombie for that comment. I still hate things about the movie but i’d give it four stars anyways. Its Zombie’s idea and vision and I respect that. His commentary on the dvd is very well done. Ive heard him do it before on anther one of his movies. He is very well spoken and gives good insight to his vision and movie. I cant wait for his next movie and I wonder what horror classic they’ll make remake next. Great movie, four out of five stars.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. The Halloween series has always been one of my favorite horror film series, and in fact, its probably the most well-rounded and credible horror series when to compared to Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and so on. After all, there are no really bad sequels in this series (with the exception of Halloween III which isn’t a real horrible movie itself, but has nothing to to with the Michael Myers story and therefore really has no relevance). There has been no “Michael in Space” or “Zombie Michael Myers that gets buried and resurrected” plots in this series, and for that, I have to commend them for that. However, when I first heard about this “remake” of the original Halloween, I thought it was a terrible idea. Why in the world would you want to remake a classic like Halloween? Its just like all these other remakes that seem to dominate theaters these days. Can’t anyone think of anything original anymore? And almost all these remakes are no not even close to being as good as the original film. There’s absolutely no reason to remake a film like Halloween unless its only to cash in. And that’s probably the real reason why this movie was even considered being made in the first place. These people know that its gonna bring in horror fans, both young and old, out of the woodwork. And of course, fans are gonna be critical and compare the two films relentlessly. So to all the movie producers and film makers out there..STOP REMAKING CLASSIC FILMS!! All you guys are doing is watering down and for the most part ruining the reputations of actual good movies!! Okay, now that off of my chest, let’s start the review, shall we?

    First of all, to say that this is purely a remake is incorrect. Its half prequel, half remake, really. But when I found out that Rob Zombie would be writing and directing the picture, my hopes got much brighter about the film. I love House of the 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, and I really thought that he would bring something new to the series but without screwing everything up. After watching the film in theaters, and now on DVD, I can’t say that he didn’t bring something new to Halloween series, but for the most part, I definitely think he did more harm than good. I just have a hard time accepting this movie as being anything but mediocre, really. There’s just way too many things that I didn’t like about the actual plot of the story, and yes, way too many differences, and flat out contradictions of that of the original Halloween. I know, maybe its unfair to compare it the original Halloween so closely, but dammit, I can’t help it. I love the original film. Its gotta be one the best horror films ever made. And just don’t like the fact that someone can come in and nearly change everything about it, and yet call it, if only partially in this case, a remake.

    First off, almost all the backstory of the young Michael Myers is total contradiction to the original film. Yeah, I know there wasn’t really anything shown or told about Myers’ childhood or family life in any of the films, but then again, there was no hint of anything BAD happening to him either! Why did Zombie feel the need to put in every bad cliche into the home life of young Michael Myers. Living in a trashy environment, a stripper mom, an abusive, drunk father figure, a bitch of a sister, being bullied at school, being neglected, and the list goes on an on. It seems like Zombie was GIVING Michael Myers a reason to become the monster he became! That’s not what the original film was about. The great thing about that film was the idea that no one knew why Michael did what he did. He had no reason. That’s what’s scary about it. How a normal boy could do something like that without a cause. But here, you don’t have that.

    Another thing I didn’t like was the acting and the portrayal of some of the characters, especially the Lorrie Strode character played by Scout Taylor-Compton. She’s just so damn annoying!! Geez, Jamie Lee Curtis did such a good job of playing the “girl next door” role, and here you have a annoying, bubbly, whore wanna be. I know that you gotta modernize the characters a bit, but c’mon! I was wanting Michael to kill Lorrie a minute into her first scene, not to mention her friends, which were just as bad! Now it is worth mentioning, that when the chase scenes with Lorrie and Michael begin, Taylor-Compton actually does a pretty good acting good there. Also, Daeg Faerch, who played young Michael Myers, and well as Sheri Moon Zombie, who played Michael’s mother, Deborah, just didn’t fit the parts to me. Faerch acting wasn’t all that great, and he just didn’t look the part, and Sheri Moon’s acting was alright, but seeing her play that kind of role just doesn’t look right to me. And Malcolm McDowell didn’t exactly put on a brilliant performance himself either.

    Other things I didn’t like..well.. the scene where 10 year old Michael kills his sister in his trademark mask just looks, well..stupid. The mask is huge and looks dumb on a child’s body, and its not scary at all. Not even a little. And speaking of body, I really thought that the Michael Myers character was too physically big. Michael Myers is supposed just some average looking guy, not a professional wrestler, so why make him so larger than life? The way Michael seems to “grunt” numerous times in the film, what the heck is up with that? And the way Michael seems to try “interrogate” Lorrie’s step mom by showing her Lorrie’s picture and I assume, trying to find where she was at..just way out of the Michael Myers character for me. I also thought the music was mis-used in the film. At times, it felt like Zombie was trying to use the music to build a mood, when there was really nothing there to build upon.

    Alright, enough of the bashing of this film. I actually have some good things to say about it. After all, I am giving it 3 stars! First off, I like the blood gore content. A definite step up from the original, though just to make things clear, you don’t need blood and guts and gore to make a film, nor does that stuff make a film good. But I’m just saying I liked that aspect of this film. Also, the guys who did the Michael Myers mask did a great job on this one. It looks real close to the original mask. And speaking of the mask, Tyler Mane does a pretty decent job of portraying Michael Myers as well. I also felt that the last half hour of the film was real good too. I especially liked the scenes where Lorrie was hiding from Michael in-between the walls and in the loft of the house. I thought Zombie really did a good job there.

    So finally I’ve come to the end of this ungodly long review! Thanks to those you’ve actually read this whole thing. In closing, I know that I’m probably being too critical about some of the things I didn’t like about this film. And if I had never seen the original, or wasn’t a big fan of the original film, I probably wouldn’t be so critical and be picking out every single little thing that’s different from the original. I know that when a remake of a film is made, you can’t simply copy everything from the original, otherwise, what’s the point in remaking it? But on the other hand, how can you call something a remake, when in fact, there are so few similarities between it and the original? There’s got to be some balance somewhere. Anyways,as a stand alone film, maybe its better than I’m giving it credit for. And if it hadn’t been a “Halloween” movie, and just another horror film, I might have loved it. And again, that’s why I’m giving it a benefit of a doubt and trying to ignore my biased opinion and giving this film 3 stars. However, I can’t help to compare to the original classic. And this one doesn’t ever really come close in capturing the mood or suspense that the original film did. And as far as comparing to the other films in the series, this is one of the worse. Is it worth watching or worth owning? I say yes to both. But its nothing really great to watch, and I wouldn’t say its a “must buy” unless you have all the other Halloween films and need for your collection. And thats one of the very few reasons, I own this film right now.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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