.hack//SIGN – Limited Edition Boxed Set

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Based on a popular PlayStation2 game, the fantasy-adventure .hack//Sign is set in the world within an online game. Tsukasa, a powerful Wave Master, finds himself lost in the cyberworld, with little memory of how he got there. More significantly, he’s unable to log out of the game and is apparently immune to many of its restrictions. He may be the focus of an impending crisis linked to the mysterious Key of the Twilight. As he wanders through different realms, Tsukasa m… More >>

.hack//SIGN – Limited Edition Boxed Set

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  1. .hack//sign features a very cool idea (Kid trapped in an online RPG world). Unfortunately the show becomes very stale very quickly. I watched the first episode and enjoyed it, but as soon as I moved up to episodes 5,6 and so on, the story just started to become extremely boring and annoying! On more than one occation they would end the episode with a big climactic battle (ie: one of the main characters, Bear, about to get stabbed by a montster.), and then in the next episode they wouldn’t continue the battle, they would simply just have the characters talking about the results (ie: Bear sitting talking about his encounter with the monster.) As soon as I started getting further and further up to around episode 10, I just could not watch it any longer and stopped downloading the episodes. Oh and did I mention the main character is a angsty, annoying teenaged GIRL (not joking, its a girl)?
    There is one thing extremely good about this series, however. THE MUSIC. The music is soo good. If you are a fan of music from Escaflowne, or just RPG styled music (you know, violins, flutes, lots of ‘ethnic’ influence) then at least check the OST out.
    This show is airing on Cartoon Networks Toonami so its alot easier and cheaper to just watch the episodes on TV.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Yes, the music is great and so is the art but the show is dull with poorly defined characters and a slow pace that could lull a hyperactive ten year old to sleep. This is one of the worst animes ever made ! I’ve seen some more episodes on Cartoon Network….it doesn’t get any better, folks. Save your money and buy something good. CLAMP has out X (slow paced in the beginning but with gorgeous animation and a great story, and amazing characters), or Chobits (a light and fun series from CLAMP about a guy who finds a cute female robot in a dumpster and falls in love with her). You’ll be MUCH better off taking my advice.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I bought this at the recommendations of many of my friends and after reading several reviews. This is purely a character-driven story and only has one or two fights that are actually worth watching. All in all not up to the standards of a all-around good anime…
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. .hack is nothing but hype. The animation and the game are sub-par; the story just makes me yawn. I have never been so bored in my life. I have been indulging in anime for years, but few have provoked this type of response from me. Honestly, it is laughable how marketing and advertising can push something. This is not a ground breaking title, in fact, nothing about the animation, style, music or plot stands out in my mind. Save yourself some time and money and avoid this travesty at all costs. Besides, Phantasy Star Online came first and would have made a much more interesting property. Get a modem and play an online game with REAL people.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. I thought I would like this, but all I had heard about it just turned out to be hype. The characters are all boring, two-dimensional personalities. The art, while pretty, was not enough to keep my interest, and the storyline was, to be frank, not even there. So, Tsukasa is trapped in an online game. *yawns* Big deal. None of the characters had me cheering for them, and some, like Subaru, made me feel the opposite. I found the Crimson Knights to be power-hungry and Subaru to be rather stuck-up. Bear is just…goofy. Mimiru is the only character to evoke any kind of good reaction from me, but she cannot carry the show all by herself.

    The voice acting falls flat, as the voices either don’t fit the character or are just uninteresting. Tsukasa sounds flat and emotionless, Mimiru’s English voice gets on my nerves VERY quickly, and Subaru also comes across as rather unemotional and prissy. The voice actors for the Crimson Knights and Bear sound as though they have never done any voice-acting; their acting is stilted and jerky.

    If you are a fan of online RPGs, you might like this. Otherwise, I suggest you stay away. There are many other anime titles out there. I am currently selling my copy of .hack here on Amazon.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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