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Genre: Musicals
Rating: PG
Release Date: 5-MAY-2009
Media Type: essential video
Riding the strange ’50s nostalgia wave that swept through America during the late 1970s (caused by TV shows like Happy Days and films like American Graffiti), Grease became not only the word in 1978, but also a box-office smash and a cultural phenomenon. Twenty years later, this entertaining film adaptation of the Broad… More >>


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  1. I already purchased a grease movie and it has already been shipped to me. If you are over charging me and sending me something I didn’t purchase please give me my money back. I have ordered alot of movies from this site and I am not satisfied with the time frame of recieving them or being told they are not available at one point and then being told I have an order confirmation for that order.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Newton-john lost her lawsuit (as usual) to try to get more money from this stupid movie. I guess the courts don’t think she’s so great. And well… this movie is what the title says it is- total trash. The Grease reunion was a bunch of old worn out people trying to act young again- it was really pathetic. I hope kids these days have something more to aspire to than the idiots in this film.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This movie could only have been produced in America: musical, bulky cars, greaseballs and bleached-out white rock ‘n’ roll. I don’t like musicals and my review will be colored accordingly. This movie is as light as that sugar fluff that they eat at the “Carnival” at the end. Not one second could I connect with anything that was going on. Was this a highschool or an elementary school? Surely this must be a fantasy about what the 50s were like. With a little more biting spunk this could have been a great Monty Python parody, but to me it’s just a movie to quickly digest and forget all about it. I guess as a musical it has value and energy, but for the rest it had all the ingredients of those nauseating American highschool movies.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. The worship of this movie must cease.

    First of all, I don’t even think they deserved to use the name “Grease” since it bears so little similarity to the Broadway show. Missing from the movie are lovable characters Doody and Roger, replaced by a hybrid of the two named Putsy, who basically sits in the background for the entire show. The two deleted character’s songs? “Those Magic Changes” basically becomes a background tune at the prom, and I have no idea (can’t remember) what happens to “Mooning”, but both songs completely lose their luster outside their original environments. It also results in the deletion of one of the best scenes in the whole play, where Roger proclaims himself the Mooning Champion of Rydell high.

    Also deleted from the movie–“Alone at the Drive-in Movie”, reduced to an instrumental. It was a funny, goofy tune, that fit in well with the parodical nature of the original show. It is replaced by the 70’s sounding “Sandy”, which is too overdramatic and overwrought for that scene. The funny “Alma Mater” is reduced to background music in the opening scenes. “Look at Me, I’m SAndra Dee” is moved way too far up in the show, in a really nonsensical part of the movie. it originally came at the end of the first act in the play, which made more sense.

    And, worst of all, Greased Lightning is sung by Zuko, and not Kenickie, like in the play. This makes little sense. Zuko singing about Kenickie’s car? The idea behind the original song was that Greased Lightning was a pile of crap that only Kenickie believed in, and got scoffed at for, so his song was him vowing to turn it into a champ.

    Alright, but changes aside, how is the movie?

    Again, not great. Scenes dragged on aimlessly for too long. Danny trying out for sports could have been easily cut down by 3 minutes or so. The gag wore thin. The prom’s length was okay, but very boring, and basically a vehicle for Travolta to show off his dancing. Yes, in the play, it’s a big “dance” scene too, but it is way too straightforward in the movie to be all that enjoyable.

    Rizzo’s “serious” scene is pretty much lost in the movie since it’s pointlessly taken to the drive-in and tossed aside minutes later, rather than being done at the later party like in the play, and being a somewhat emotional scene.

    So many of the funniest scenes are deleted from the original play. And even the melodrama is removed. The funny parts aren’t funny enough, the serious parts are too overdramatic for what this body of work really was–a parody of 50’s culture, music, and life.

    Moreso, all of the “high schoolers” in the movie looked about 30 years old. Most of them could not pass for high schoolers even with makeup and costuming. Sonny looked almost 35. Perhaps if they had done a better job of wardrobe and makeup this would have been avoided.

    Overall, I think the only decent part ofthis movie is “Greased Lightning” for it’s dance moves. Other than that, this is a soulless remake of a great show that doesn’t do the original justice.

    P.S. I’m playing Roger now in a local performance of Grease. So I know from experience!
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. It is a classic for many people including myself with great music, but let’s talk about the whole movie. It is extremely sexually explicit, with indecent refrences the whole way through; it is so offensive that I will not buy the video because of the PG rating. I will record it off of TBS or TNT. The same uncut version on the video on TNT, is rated TV-14 (which is still an understatement) and I still have a hard time watching it. I am waiting for this movie on TBS to record because they edit the unneccessary content, and believe it or not, it is STILL rated TV-14! Because of this, I think “How can the MPAA consider this PG?” Great music, but I will not watch a dirty classic or dirty movie whatsoever.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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