Global Ride: Italy Series Virtual Cycling DVDs Boxed Set

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  • Virtual rides through exotic locations from the rider’s perspective
  • Multiple selectable coaching tracks from international coache
  • Licensed commercial music – no royalty free junk – this music is highly regarded
  • Bonus 30-minute Yoga, Pilates & Stability Ball training specifically for cyclists.
  • All video shot with multiple cameras, and in High Definition

Product Description
This box set is the complete Italy Series of DVDs: Speed & Power In Italy, Climbing Sufferage & Urban Assault. Each is a completely different ride, with 3 coaching tracks and 1 live class track, giving the user 4 different rides for each DVD. This series also includes a 3 different 30 minute bonus workouts too: Pilates, Yoga & Stability Ball Training; each specific to cycling. That’s 5 workouts per DVD! That’s 15 workouts for the box set! On a cost per workout, it d… More >>

Global Ride: Italy Series Virtual Cycling DVDs Boxed Set

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