Gantz – Fatal Attractions

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Studio: Adv Films Release Date: 08/09/2005 Run time: 100 minutes… More >>

Gantz – Fatal Attractions

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  1. I reviewed the first edition of Gantz, and gave it four stars for the slowness in which the story comes out and the violence of the film. Now, with the start of the second season, I’m a true lover of this series. At the start of the second season, you know the characters and what to expect, and you’ve already seen some of the changes in them that has happened because of their horrible experience delivered to them by Gantz. Now, you get to watch the story unfold with the characters already used to Gantz. The story, while still slow, is more bearable because of the size of the DVD, and the animation gets better and better with the action. Highly recommended if you enjoyed the first season.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Gantz is definitively one of the best anime series I have ever seen. I never imagined that I would see an anime with so much suspense and intrigue. The characters are well developed, the story is unique, the dialogue is very real, the Gantz is evil, in fact the pilot is very strong and every chapter makes you want to see more and more.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. So if you’re like me at all, and you’ve bothered to buy the other Gantz DVDs due to the incredible story and animation, then you’ll agree with me that Gantz is one of the best Anime programs being put out today. But you’ve already seen the other DVDs, and you already knew that.

    But this is a review, and therefore we have to get into some of the finer details of this particular volume. I’ll start with what’s great about it, starting with the show. The show itself is mind-boggling, and in this volume the plotline really starts to heat up fairly significantly: Kurono finally gets laid, gives Kishimoto the boot (and feels bad about it), and the 3rd mission begins with a new cast of human facsimiles, as well as some totally effed up aliens.

    But, one thing I have noticed as of late with the newer episodes is that there seems to be much less attention to detail. For instance, initially in the first two episodes everyone who was placed in the room with Gantz showed some tell-tale signs of how they died – details of which extended to steam rising off of Kishimoto’s body when she was teleported from her own bathtub. And leading up to the second mission, every new character’s “death story” was told – adding some detail even to those characters who died within five minutes of the mission’s start. But this time around, that detail has been done away with. The dead people show up, no indication of how they got there, and everyone starts going crazy. But that is certainly something one gets over very quickly once the story begins to pick up. Aside from that, it’s fairly similar to the previous missions: a lot of screaming, a lot of standing around over-explaining everything, a great deal of tension, a ton of gore, and a ton of swearing. Oh, and nudity. Gantz at its finest.

    As for the technical aspects of the DVD, this is where I get annoyed thoroughly. The video and sound are great, grand, wonderful. But once you’ve watched the four episodes (which is SO much better than the Japanese 2 episodes/disc) and move onto the extras, you realize that the extras are missing OH so much. Mostly because half of them are BROKEN! the 2nd interview on the DVD doesn’t work, and the Japanese language track is all but missing from EVERY volume I’ve watched so far. The volume 8 preview and the video game preview, as well as the clean intro/closing still work, however. I seriously hope that more attention is paid to these details in the remaining volumes of the collection, but I doubt that it will. Que Sera.

    But, even after all of this, I still enjoy Gantz thoroughly. And so will you. October 11th can’t come soon enough!
    Rating: 4 / 5

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