Gaming Headset PS4 Headset Pro 7.1 Surround Sound Noise Canceling Flexible Mic with 2pcs Mic Cover RGB LED Light Memory Earmuffs for Xbox one Nintendo Switch PC, 14.44, 19.99, $, .

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Specifications: Model: GM-6 Gaming Headset Driver Diameter: 40mm Mic Length: 18.5cm (7.3 inch) Mic Directivity: Omni-Directional Mic Cable length: 2.1±0.15M (7.2 feet) Headset Interface: USB+3.5mm4Pin Wearing style: over-ear protection Whether to control by line: Yes Headphone and playback device...

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This is a great headset and a good value for money. The looks and the build quality is very good similar to the other high-end headsets. After using this headset for over a week for both work (web meetings & demos) and gaming I have come up with the below pros and cons...Pros:Sound quality is very good especially the voice. I found the Bass & Treble both on the milder side without being too empowering. The headset functioned very well during my online meetings and demos as none of the recipients had any problem hearing me. I even used it to make some google voice calls to verify the quality and my friends confirmed that the sound was very crisp and clear with no static or noise.I found the in-line MIC's ON and OFF switch is very useful and convenient especially during the meetings without having to mute yourself in the app. There is an in-line volume control as well which is pretty standard in most headsets.The MIC is located on the left hand side and will only rotate by 180% and cannot be rotated all the way; so this makes the headset to wear in only one way. When not using the MIC, it can be folded up to the side by 90 degrees and the headset can be worn on both sides.Braided cable: I am a big fan of braided cables as they are durable, tangle free and feels nice to the touch.RGB: The changing RGB colors on both the sides is nice and has an alien logo; and the light up mic is cool blue and does not change color. For the RGB to work, the headset needs to be connected to an USB port otherwise it will not light up.Accessories: The headset comes with a 1-2 audio jack(3.5 mm) - I used this extension to connect to my laptop which has just one 3.5 mm jack (for both mic & audio) unlike my desktop which has 2 separate jacks for mic and audio each. The headset also comes with an USB 2.0 extension cable, 2 foam mic covers; although, I did not use the provided mic covers as I liked the cool blue to show up but would use it if I were recording audio/video.Pretty long cord and is about 67" (inches) end to end; the cable has a Velcro strip for cable management.Comes with clear instructions in multiple languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, ChineseCons:The only one I can remotely think of is the MIC; it is located on the left hand side and will only rotate by about 180 degrees restricting the headset to be wore in only one way. This could be a potential drawback for some folks but for me it was not a show stopper at all given the big list of Pros.Overall, a great headset that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for one. Try it!!!
I'm reviewing the Pro vs non-pro headsets, I have owned the non-pro version for a while and have really enjoyed them. I have turned over my old headset to my children and I have dived into the pro version to find out the difference. I'm going to start with the difference you can see, in my first photo I have side by side taken a picture of the "cups" of the ear. You can see the non-pro is more oval-shaped, and some of my family finds these less comfortable than the more rounded shape of the pro version. The microphone on the non-pro version is more static, as in it rotates up and down but not closer or further, where the pro-version can bend to get a more fined tune sound if you are talking lower. The Pro version padding on the headband is more noticeable and feels slightly more comfortable. The headband is thicker on the pro version vs the standard set, but both are supported by a metal band so I am not sure if the thickness will enhance the durability or was just widened to allow for more padding on the top of the headband. The "RGB" color on the outside of the ear cups on the Pro version is not selectable, and scrolls through the colors. My only complaint is there is no button to select a single color of choice.Moving on to the actual audio, I could tell there was a volume difference between the two, the non-pro version was louder, but the pro-version remained cleaner in its sound quality. Playing a few games I could tell the pro-version was a bit better, this let me pinpoint the location of the sound a bit more accurately. The microphone on the pro version was about the same quality, but the flexible mic allowed me to adjust the position to accommodate if I was speaking louder or softer during whatever game we were playing.Overall, both versions are amazing headsets for the money, the value is undeniable. The pro-version has way more range for sound (as they are 7.1) and undeniably more comfortable.
Pros: comes with different cables in case they are to be used with computer and the best part is they are BRAIDED, I wore them for 8 hrs playing with my brother online, time went by and didnt noticed due to not making my ears sweat even when they are like bonded leather or pleather and they stay in my head without pressing enough for me to get a headache... and I have a big head! One more pro is the fact that one wheel controls both the game and chat volumes, if needed to adjust different only once on screen and thats it! Wheel feels quality no like my turtle beach ones way more expensive and wheel is either too loud or too low after a while.Con: Only this one I feel, there is a USB also coming from the headset but I showed on the pic using the velcro attached sewn from factory, keep it out of the way, that usb its just to power the lights on the headset, I really didnt care for it but its there and they look nice

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