Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC, Beexcellent Deep Bass PS4 Headset with Noise Immunity Mic, LED Light, Friction-Reduction Cable, High Comfort Earmuff-Camo, 40.99, 0, $, .

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Why does every customer choose Beexcellent gaming headset? 1. Wide compatibility: You can play games on PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/ Nintendo 3DS/PS4/XBOX One/PC/Smartphone/Tablet /Laptop. 2. Cool appearance: Glowing LED light around the ear cups and camouflage patterns add highlights while...

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Truth be told, I'm not much of a gamer. My husband is though and his headset has been broken for over a year. He's been limping it through due to the cost of nice gaming headsets. This one was a reasonable price and had some nice features, so I thought I'd get it for him to try. Camo isn't his thing but for the price, he could get on board. He is a PC gamer, and these seemed to work well for that.The cushions are super comfortable (especially after using the broken one for so long). It blocks out noise really well. For him that's a plus. Personally, I like when he can hear me talking to him. 🤷 The cord is made of a braided material that keeps it safe from breaking. My husband's favorite part is that the microphone can be moved out of the way easily if no one else is online but he still wants to wear the headset. On his old headset, he always had to cover the mic to talk to me so he wouldn't be talking over his friends' conversations. With this moving arm, he will be able to move the microphone and have both hands free when I ask him questions. The lights don't really do much, but they look cool. 😂 So far, we're on board with this headset.
Overall really liked the headset. The size and comfort really worked well for me (I have a medium/large head I think). The quality of the sound and microphone worked really well. I only wish it was a little bit louder, although I could hear everything that my teammates said, and the background sound from the game. The headphone cable is made of a flexible and durable material, so it feels like it will last.
Honestly I have nothing bad to say about this brand, or products. I have bought gaming headphones for around $100 that failed within the first year, these however have been awesome. And I know if they stop working its not going to break the bank to buy another, also they are COMFORTABLE! They don't make my ears hot, or squeeze my head. These have a soft fabric like padding, and just all around amazing. I know I will be sticking to this brand as long as they keep making great products like this!

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