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Gerard Butler stars as Kable, condemned criminal and globally famous super-soldier in the ultimate multiplayer game, “Slayers.” Human controllers direct each thought and move of real-life prison inmates battling in hyper-intense environments – where the goal is freedom and the penalty is death. But when Kable suddenly decides he wants out, his rebellion threatens the twisted plans of game creator Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall, TV’s “Dexter”), who will stop at nothing t… More >>


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  1. Maybe “Gamer” is just too close to the truth for comfort, and this is why critics are panning it. After all, true masterpieces are 20 years ahead of the curve. Maybe we’ll get it in 2029, about the same time, hopefully, that our houses will be fashioned with special Web screening rooms where we can lie down and people will automatically be able to invade our privacy on humongous video screens.

    There’s a key scene in the film where Kable has just been declared “fragged” and the general public is left holding its breath, all their hopes and dreams resting on this death row inmate besting the big corporate stooge. And it just drives the point home how we are so obsessed with violence in America that we make idols of our Mansons, our Dahmers and our George W. Bushes. Maybe it is just too hard for most of us to accept the fact that we are bloodthirsty beasts more sympathetic to villains than pesky peacenick, compost-loving heroes. I mean won’t spoiled cabbage just deterioriate on its own just fine at the landfill, seeing as it’s biodegradable anyway?

    “Gamer” ends up being better than “Blade Runner,” which was based on a short story by a drug addict who thought God lived in a mainframe on Jupiter; it’s better than “Strange Days,” written by a Martin Scorsese groupie (if you can get any more sad than that I don’t even want to know); and it’s way better than “The Matrix,” which was nothing more than Zen Buddhist propaganda anyway as a favor to Keanu Reeves, who was still reeling over the fact that Brad Pitt had scored the main role in “Seven Years in Tibet” two years earlier. On top of which, Gerald Butler is a more convincing actor than Russell Crowe any day of the week … and there is a really cool car chase scene.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Gamer is yet another survival action flick, the difference being that the person who must survive is being controlled by another person who is literally playing with an individuals life. Gerard Butler plays an inmate who plays the game to win his freedom, the game being a capture the flag type of battle to the death. This movie is action packed and fairly stylized. For the first 30 minutes or so I thoroughly enjoyed the clever writing, the fast pace, and the different and interesting approach to the cinematography. But the good points in the beginning do not persist. There where many many moments in gamer that where quite simply awesome…unfortunately ridiculous plot twists….a corny dance number toward the end ( that’s right I said dance number)and just garbage writing at times keeps this movie on the back burner. If you like brainless actioners then by all means try this one…as it has more brains than allot of the brainless actioners..but this movie is not really a good movie…entertaining…and sometimes interesting…but as a whole not that good.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I saw this movie 2times and thought it was worth buying im not a hardcore gamer or enything so I dont know if for some reason hardcore gamers dont like it? But if your like me and like buying and watching good movies get this one its good.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. This whole movie is about action and boy do we get it! It was a roller coaster of fun. Every scene is just out there and exciting. I have not enjoyed a movie this entertaining for a while. It reminded me of the first time watching Death Race. It was entertaining. It made every scene exciting and different. I did not expect at all what it was, but I loved every minute of it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I honestly tried to figure out what Gamer was all about minutes before the film started to roll at my local theater! Since I was not successful, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and pluck my $10.00 down and give it a try. What I ended up seeing – on one level – was a glorified video game – and it didn’t take too much effort to figure out the ending half way through the movie!

    There was also so much gruesome violence that I closed my eyes through about half of Gamer. The only thing holding my attention was that I really wanted to see the story’s hero win in a big way. The reason for 3 stars instead of 1. Despite all the violence and plot holes you could drive a tracker trailer through, the acting has heart, which made Gamer mildly entertaining.

    But most importantly – Gamer is a cautionary tale about both the potential dangers of future breakthroughs in nanotechnology and brain implants. Already scientists have had some breakthroughs with brain implant technology for the severely disabled – something I support 100%. But we live in a capitalist society where huge corporations will do anything to make money unless there is government intervention to protect public safety. The world of Gamer is the logical conclusion of what happens when our government fails to do it’s job of protecting us from evil!

    See: Nanotechnology: New Promises, New Dangers (Global Issues) and Behavior Control: Hypnotism, Drugs, Brain Implants, Computer Psychotherapy, a Psychologist Explores the Danger and Promise of Mind Control and Neuroengineering
    Rating: 3 / 5

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