Gamer Official Movie Trailer (HQ)

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We’ve all seen movies based on video games, but movies ABOUT video games are a whole different animal. That’s what we’ll get September 4th when Gerard Butler hooks up and plugs in for the upcoming movie Gamer. Set in a world where gaming has gone to its ultimate level–humans controlling other humans in a sophisticated deathmatch, one such live-meat avatar, played by Butler, decides he doesn’t like the life of a video game character. Butler’s out to regain his freedom by taking down the …

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  9. looks fucking mental !!! yeeeee lol

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  11. Sorry but this film didn’t reach my expectations, tho i would still go and watch it at Movie-Archives . n e t

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  14. just bought the dvd if u havent seen the movie u should just buy it cuz its so bad ass

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  16. sweet dreams by marliyn manson

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  18. What is the name of this song

  19. Luv this movie! If you wanna see it yourself, it’s on The Movie Dir . com


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  21. If i could of starred in any film this would of been the film I would want to be in, ever since i watched it at Movie-archives . n e t

  22. what was the song of the trailer

  23. Great action movie with Gerard Butler and Amber Valletta. Watch it at:


  24. This is very similar to Guns Of The Patriots. I never imagined I’d even think this but..the story of MGS4 actually made more sense. /:) and that’s saying something.

  25. Michael C Hall is such a badass, which is the only reason I’d ever watch this film.

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