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A blast from the past

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Bought this yesterday. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it (I loved this games as a kid). After 5 minutes:- Makes a really bad gift for people who haven't owned one of this before. This is purely nostalgia. For anyone else, it's just an expensive and pointless game.- For people who owned one as kids, prepare to be disappointed. Your hands are much bigger. Your sight is much worse.My game and watch memories are now ruined.I absolutely recommend not to buy this item.
This game ain’t for big thumb adult. I’m a Mario fan from kids days, this game is the boom. My 6yr old love Mario games also. It’s a bit small but I love is regardless
WOW!!!!!!!!! I love this Mario game and watch so so much it looks absolutely amazing the red and gold colour goes back to the original game and watch colours in the 1980s its the same size as the originals too the screen is a very vivid and colourful lcd display and even though the screen is small to modern standards its still very clear and feels a good size when playing the games on it the Graphics are classic Mario through and through and it’s definitely got that classic retro feel to it you get super Mario bros and super Mario bros 2 (lost levels) plus a Mario version of Nintendo’s classic ball game and a clock/alarm all built into the system the D-pad is absolutely perfect in my opinion it feels very responsive and has great feed back during game play the A and B buttons work perfectly too and the whole handhold system feels very very well made it has that Nintendo quality feeling to it and you can see and feel that they have put a lot of time and work into making this a good quality well made item its got a built in battery which should last for around 8 hours of gameplay you get a small Charging cable provided for charging the system as well it has a small speaker on the left of the system which is surprisingly loud for such a small thing and even if you turn it up full it doesn’t have any distortion at all which is very impressive it also has some great additional features too there’s 35 hidden feature to discover (because Mario 35 year anniversary) i wont tell you any because its part of the fun finding out for your self the controls feel like there very similar to the NES controller layout which also give t that retro feeling I’m extremely impressed with this i ordered it on the day it became available for pre orders on Amazon and i waited patiently for its release and received it on release day hoping it would meet my expectations and its exceeded my expectations to be honest I can’t express how much I recommend this item if your a gamer or your buying for a gamer or a retro collector trust me you/they will no be disappointed they way its packaged the way it feels the way it looks and plays is absolutely worth every single penny of the £49.99 price tag yes its not cheap but its Nintendo its very collectible and LIMITED and its retro too it truly is unique and i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this game and watch i could talk about it for days WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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