Fushigi Yugi – The Mysterious Play – – Limited Edition

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The third adventure set in “The Universe of the Four Gods” is a convoluted follow-up to the initial 52-episode broadcast series. Teenage Mayo nurses a gritty crush on Taka (né Tamahome), who’s married to Miaka. She travels to the alternate world, which is facing imminent destruction. Taka joins the two remaining members of the original Suzaku Seven, Chichiri and Tasuki, to find the children who are the reincarnations of the other four. Nasty as she seems, Mayo is just… More >>

Fushigi Yugi – The Mysterious Play – – Limited Edition

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  1. ok i cant give this a 5 because it was very different from the TV series and OVA 1 and 2 as many people have heard miaka and taka do get married and probably ya’ll have heard about that girl who takes the Universe of the 4 gods and becomes the suzaku no miko ((i cant remember her name bad memory))now the thing that got me mad was that Taka nor chichiri or tasuki actually didnt listen to her they went to find the reborn celestial warriors……then taka actually goes with her though he has a perfect excuse since otherwise Miaka would stay unconcious 4 ever and the girl would have the baby and not Miaka since when the girl became the suzaku no miko Miaka became unconcious and until she came back from the book miaka would stay like that so basically that girl has all the power over the suzaku warriors
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. i could not belive my eyes when i saw taht there is a new series for Fushigi Yugi….its my # 1 best anime ever..and everything else goes below it..i was so excited i pre-ordered it..and watch it the same sec that i recieved it..but sadly it wasnt as what i expected…the story is okaay but kinda complicated..all of the suzakuz were there..i dont wanna spoil it and say whats gonna happen..but if ure a fushigi yugi fan u oughtta buy it..u wouldnt wanna miss seeing the whole suzakuz and mikia and the beautiful tamahome ..i still hope there would be more series but will be same as the oldies..lots of fun
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. First of all, the wedding was not b/c of Miaka’s pregnancy!!!!!!! When they found out she was preggers they figured it out that it was a HONEYMOON baby!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I always thought the end of FY was unfair. How could Watase-sama do that to Tasuki & Chichiri? ;__;. This DVD leaves a few loose ends… (like, did they keep the forms from their past lives when it was over? Reishun’s parents: “Honny, Reishun came home & she’s an 18 year old …boy…!” & what the heck happened to the book world??) but it definately leaves the series on a happier note. ^___^. That’s why I’m giving it 5 stars. Now you can actually realistically picture the seishi growing up happy. -^__^- & all the reincarnations are so cool! They aren’t cheesey or anything, so don’t worry. ;P Chiriko is hilarious XD & Nuriko is just so adorable! Even Mits is the cutest thing ever. (with kitten Tama-neko!) A few aspects are a little creepy.. like the computer animation.. <__<. & The new Miko, Mayo (she's named after a condoment X) hah!) I triiiieed to like her, I really did. She's insaaaaaaane though... But in the end she did prove herself as Miko. *grumbles* All in all, this is a pretty.. interesting (& cool n___n.) conclusion to a really great series. Buy it, maybe if they sell enough they'll get the idea & get on with animating the seishi's novels!! Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I remember when I first watched Fushigi Yugi in the summer of 2001, and I was completely hooked. I dont particuarily go out of my way for Shojo anime(not saying that I hate it), but Fushigi yugi just had something that was special. The charecters (especially the bad guys) were very fun to watch, and the comedy scenes involving them made me laugh. Romantic scenes touched my heart. And sad scenes made me cry.

    However, The OVA’s really did not impress me. They seemed rushed and just dident have the same effect on me as the TV serius(Not to mention, the bad guy was corny). Eikoden suffers from the same cons. I think comparing this to “Star Trek:Insurrection” would be fair, because in all ways, this had NO reason to be created but to make more money for the franchise, and it just seems very cheezy (Hotohori’s brother!?! man that was stupid). I could mention the many other plot holes/cheezy points, but I think I’ed run out of the 1,000 word limit. The charecters in Eikoden are also forgettable. I dident end up hating Mayo as much as I think you were supposed to, and I thought the whole “fake god” thing was just doofy. In fact, Yu Watase had nothing to do with this story. It was orignally published in novel form(The Gaiden Novels) written by a fan. The music and animation however, were done quite well I would have to say. Much CGI is uutilized in a unique manner in this production.

    I mostly give 2 stars for packaging. Pioneer never unimpresses me. The extras with the disk as well as the box it comes with are great. The special edition also contains pencil boards. Both the regular edition and the special edition also come with a book that contains tons of info and interviews.

    So please, stop messing up Fushigi Yugi. Just end it and let it rests in our hearts as one of our favorite anime shows of all time, and stop making it cheezy and taking our money for these OVA’s which are not worth the fans time. I think if another fushigi yugi OVA is made based on the Gaiden novels, please make it based off one that was charecter related(ex. The Nakago one, Seiraden).
    Rating: 2 / 5

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