“From Paris With Love” – Official Trailer [HD HQ]

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Jonny Rhys-Meyers is cracking it again. This time he is a low-ranking intelligence operative working in the office of the US Ambassador in France takes on more than he bargained for when he partners with a wisecracking, fast-shooting, high-ranking US agent (John Travolta) whos been sent to Paris to stop a terrorist attack. Coming to theatres on February 5, 2010. Starring: John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Kasia Smutniak, Richard Durden … from paris with love movie film trailer Jonathan …

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  1. No one is going to see this movie lol look at this 54,000 views lol..


  3. Oh wait, if im not mistaken he filmed this movie right after Bolt. his whole family was with him in Paris during the shoot his son was still alive at the time.

  4. perhaps contract regulations? or probably he used work as therapy to deal with his son’s loss. I love John…I wish him the best in dealing with this tragedy.

  5. it seems like travolta has moved on with his life?

  6. John loved his son very much, with all his heart. Jett would want his father to be happy. Jett wouldn’t want want John to be miserable for the rest of his life. I mean yes it is very sad that his son did die, but living in the past will only make John more depressed. I think this movie will make John a stronger person in the sense that he is willing to do a movie after his son’s death. R.I.P Jett Travolta

  7. a new bad boy

  8. im torn on this movie. i loved john travolta in The Taking of Pelham 123, but this movie looks to be either a hit or miss. i will definatly have to go see it though

  9. how could travolta make a movie just a couple months after his son died

  10. @alessioNY well terrorism is actually using fear to use a country and you make a good point on why they have alot of terrorism and stuff in movies nowadays but its just a way for them to make money

  11. this movie looks crazy .. cant wait to see it? G0NNA watch it now on imdbVIP. com

  12. looks dope

  13. dope movie! c it! movieseeker(.)us

  14. i dont think i waana watch this vid….>.> but jrm is so sexc in it xD

  15. ugh.Has it realy? Theirs no such thing as terrorism.Those people are being occupied for greed and having blackwater killing women and children for fun.Even though blowing yourself up isn’t right, it’s the only thing they can do to get revenge.Supporting the word terrorism as if it exists in the media and now what I thought just started in the movies is ridiculous.

  16. @alessioNY why so surprised? terrorism has been in movies for a while now

  17. terrorism even in movies now? what a joke.Fuck this movie

  18. when is this coming out ??

  19. that’s just disgusting >:( …but I cracked up anyway! XD

  20. I know what you mean, Dany55! That’s why i watch movies at m o v i e – h u b . n e t! Only good quality movies!

  21. cool, but suv’s with rims must go!

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  23. omg. fantastic film there’s a good copy at ‘bigmovies4free’ last time i checked! found it funny 🙂

  24. travolta is trying too hard to be a badass.

  25. How come he is bald nowadays in movies?

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