First DVD Sale In Japan In 1996 | Global SciTech | Tech Head | Episode 19

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Dvd becomes a part of life the first dvd players went on sale in japan in 1996 and rolled out across other major markets over the next three years. It wasn’t really that long ago, but the extra features at the time seem underwhelming now. Question do the initials d-v-d stand for digital video disc or digital versatile disc? Format wars the vhs videocassette was a dominant format for a quarter of a century. But the pace of innovation is quickening. After just a little more than a decade the standard dvd is already being replaced by high definition successors. The sony playstation 3 incorporates a blu-ray disc player. In fact part of the console’s attraction was that those seeking a hot gaming platform could get a blu-ray player into the bargain. A playstation has been many people’s first experience of blu-ray and at a cheaper price than a dedicated player. But ongoing, well publicized delays in ps3 roll-outs caused problems for blu-ray movie sales. Too weird a company in belgium that offers dvd rentals online recently stirred up a storm of controversy with a series of television commercials. The advertisements were designed to humorously parody the company’s services by pretending that customers could rent a wife just as easily as renting a dvd to watch, but may have backfired. Dvd piracy copyright theft is a huge problem

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