Farscape: The Complete Series

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John Crichton. Astronaut. Flung through a wormhole and lost in a galaxy far from home. He finds himself in the middle of a prison break, surrounded by hostile aliens, soaring through space inside a glorious living space ship called Moya. Hunted by the relentless Peacekeepers, he allies himself with his unimaginably alien fellow refugees and searches for a way home.

So begins the epic sci-fi classic Farscape. A fusion of live action, state-of-the-art puppetry, pr… More >>

Farscape: The Complete Series

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  1. Don’t buy this from Amazon, Best Buy has it for about $35 less and you don’t have to wait on shipping. Very disappointed with Amazon for not at least matching the price! That’s what the one star is for-Amazon, not the show.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I just ordered this set on December 1, 2009 and now it is almost half the price I paid! Needless to say I am not too pleased Amazon and think I will end my future DVD shopping until after Christmas.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I would have expected somekind of deluxe special packaging for a really special show, ESPECIALLY for fans who have waited so long for something like this to come out, but this boxset is not special whatsoever (you know, like BSG, Buffy, Ghostbusters animated, Transformers anniversary matrix)… AND YES (@ J. Arment) that is my only complaint because there’s nothing else about Farscape to complain about, to me, Farscape is one of the best SciFi shows to ever come out and this is the treatment it gets? As opposed to the individual seasons when they frist came out that had a pretty hefty price tag? Farscape is beyond 5 stars. The packaging, still gets 1. You can either relate or not, either way that’s what Farscape is worth to me.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I would love to buy this series, but I come from a bilingual (actually trilingual) household. My wife doesn’t have a complete knowledge of English and so we only buy DVDs with Spanish subtitles in them. Now, there have to be other people in the US/Region 1 who do not speak English and regularly use subtitles or alternative audio on DVDs. So what’s so difficult about including this simple option.

    This feature, or lack thereof, is a deal breaker for me which is why I give the Complete Series only a single star.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. For anyone who already owns the first DVD sets…

    I read all the reviews on Amazon before I bought this set, especially focusing on the lower ratings, to see what the negative aspects where. The 2 reviews with a

    rating of “1 star” outlined Amazon vs. Best Buy prices, and the fact that this box set has no Subtitles. Since none of the reviews covered what I wanted to know,

    I’m including them here for anyone else who might be looking for the same information.

    Positive aspects of this DVD Set: Space Saver – The Best Buy boxed set comes with the Peacekeeper Wars, as well as the four seasons, and takes up about a tenth

    of the space on the shelf as the first DVD set, and about a fourth of the shelf space of the Starburst edition DVD set.

    Negative aspects of this DVD Set:

    (1) As mentioned – No subtitles.

    (2) The background audio has been messed with and is brought slightly into the foreground, thus actually masking MORE of the dialog, made worse by the lack of

    Subtitles to make up for missing more of the dialog.

    (3) All Seasons are Full Screen, but the Peacekeeper Wars is Widescreen. In the age of 55-inch flat panel LCD HDTVs costing under $2000, someone really needs to

    ask the question: “Why the hell would anyone release a show in Full Screen anymore?” Is it too much to ask for that the production / distribution companies to go

    find the original 35mm film exposure negatives and put in the effort to make this a DVD box set worth buying?

    I also noted that someone mentioned in a review that they would wait for the Blue-ray Box set. I say why? Why pay twice the price for such a little gain in video

    clarity, especially if the same mistake is made and it’s released again as Full Screen. I’ll give you an example. Star Trek: The Original Series is out on Blue-ray

    (Full Screen). The fact that Blue-ray discs are formatted to 1080i means nothing because the film quality used during the filming of the original series 50 years

    ago, even when digitally re-mastered, is only so good. Get regular DVD and a 1080i upconverting DVD player – Sony has a few around $80.

    So OK, Farscape was filmed much more recently, but the principle is the same. If I have a Widescreen TV, I want a widescreen picture. Why pay a more expensive

    price for a Blue-ray if it only used as much of the screen as regular DVD. Also, in this case (if you already own the original box set or Starburst DVD sets),

    why pay for a TV show for a second time if there are no improvements, and a decline in audio quality? The answer is that you don’t. I bought this and I’ll keep

    it as a back-up set, but whenever I get in the mood to watch this show again, I’ll be watching my original DVD set.

    I can only hope that this review reaches enough people that maybe it gets to someone high enough to authorize a re-release in a Widescreen format, and not pull

    a George Lucas – Example: The original “unaltered” Star Wars Trilogy is still not available in a FORMATTED FOR WIDESCREEN TV edition (OK, so where is the Zoom

    button on this remote?).

    OK, I’m done ranting. Since this DVD set had 1 positive aspect, and because if you read the rating classification for 1-star it says “I hate this item”, I give

    it a 2-STAR rating.

    I will admit that if you don’t own an earlier DVD release of this series, then Best Buy’s $70 price can’t be beat.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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