Farscape: The Complete Season 2

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Farscape Season 2 unfolds as a tapestry of histories and mysteries. Having survived Season 1’s deathtrap finale, John Crichton and the crew of the living space ship Moya attempt to evade the villainous Scorpius. And if the Peacekeepers weren’t enough trouble, Crichton and company soon cross paths with the ambitious, reptilian Scarran race.

The crew’s unstable camaraderie is ripped apart when they discover the part Aeryn played in the brutal fate of Moya

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  1. I’m up to Disk 3 and I’m missing the quality of Season one, it’s sense of humour and warmth of camaraderie.

    And it’s dark. Literally. The Lighting Union on strike?

    It was almost funny when John and Rigel were biting each other.

    Tis the Season of Scorpius.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. If you are familiar with season 1 and enjoyed it, you will really like season 2. The entire season 2 production is much improved. Multiple episode stories, or “to be continued” stories which were frustrating to wait for in the original running, are in abundance. But with this set you can see all of season 2 at your leisure. This is great sci-fi.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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