ESYWEN Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S, 4 X 1200mAh Xbox One Controller Battery Packs, Rechargeable Batteries with Charging Station for Xbox One/One S/One X/One Elite, 24.36, 28.99, $, .

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Features: Widely Compatibility: Charging station for Xbox one controller battery pack fits new Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One s and Xbox One Elite controller Long Battery Life: 3.5 hours charging time can provide 10-15 hours playtime Rechargeable Battery for Xbox...

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What a fantastic product for anyone’s XBOX controller. I got my Series X a few days ago and was disappointed to learn it needed AA batteries, which in my experience constantly need replacing. Microsoft dropped the ball not having their controllers chargeable. But I am lucky to have stumbled upon this wonderful product. You receive 4 rechargeable battery packs that ensure you are never left with an uncharged controller ever again. The packs are sturdy and effortlessly install to your controller as batteries would. The charge lasts a long time ensuring you will not have to constantly swap out battery packs mid gaming session. And I cannot say enough about the charging stand that gives a nice red or green light for each pack to let you know when the charge is ready. It looks pretty.
This might be confusing for some so I'm going to lay it out.The battery has a notch in the back that meets directly in the battery bay of Xbox one controllers. When you click it in, it absolutely works. Other reviews kept saying only one side has protruded prongs so it couldn't possibly work but that I'd exactly how Xbox designed their controllers.Picture included as proof it went into the Xbox controller because when I read the reviews I almost didn't order these. Now that I did, it was simple. No instructions needed. You just need to spend 2 minutes looking at your controller to realize it absolutely goes in and works. At the price point this thing is a steal for a 4 Bay and 4 battery charger with 4 batteries. Lights green when fully charged, lights red when dead.If you have any questions I don't mind answering to help you use your product but this is great! Absolutely order this while it's under $22.
I got these for my husband who is big on gaming. He got the normal battery packs that you’d get at GameStop and through Microsoft. With different controllers those don’t always fit. He’s gone through 3 charging docks in less than 2 years because after a while they would just stop charging. He was given this as a gift a while back on his birthday and loved it. I bough another one just to have extra because the price is fantastic and the product works EXTREMELY well. And since we’re a family of gamers we’re not all having to fight for extra battery packs. Lol. I definitely recommend this for anybody.

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