Essential Music Videos: ’80s UK

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Essential Music Videos: ’80s UK

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  1. I don’t know why these Essential Music Videos only have 5 or 6 songs on them…it’s like hanging a carrot in front of a starving horse…it’s sort of a cruel tease.

    Anyway, the vids here are great! British music was quite different than American music and the vids here demonstrate that quite clearly.

    Erasure’s “A Little Respect” is a good video if not one of their best songs. It does show off the fun the two group members seem to have working with each other.

    Yaz’s “Situation” is the big disappointment on the DVD. It seems the producers got a hold of some bar/club video of the song, because it’s nothing but kaleidascopic changes throughout the song. Where’s the real video with Moyet wailing out the tune?

    The English Beat’s “Mirror in the bathroom” is a very cool, very British song and the video is equally cool and really lets you see where video production was when videos were just starting to take off.

    Echo & the Bunnymen’s “Lips like sugar” is a very cool, very driven song. This has always been a reliable group and this video shows them off quite nicely.

    Happy Mondays’ “Step On” is an odd inclusion here. Step On was actually released in 1990, not in the 80’s (though I guess you could argue it was the last true year of the 80’s…maybe). This is NOT a nostalgia song. It works today as well as it did then. It’s very hip and very danceable – that’s the song. The video: well it looks like it was made in 1980, but it wasn’t. And even in this video you can tell that members of the group were pharmaceutically enhanced during the making of the video. Bev is just….wild! Awesome song and a wild video!

    Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Head on” is a more middle of the road video. It’s not as uniquely British as the others, but it is also one of the moodiest. I really like the video and the song.

    The English Beat, Happy Mondays and Jesus and Mary Chain get my votes for the best videos on the DVD.

    But, man, wouldn’t it be great if there were some DVD extras, but alas there really are none but details on the songs.

    Still, not a bad buy for your $8
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. I know, only 6 videos/songs…and no extras(does have song credits though). But if you’re a fan of 80’s British music, where else can you find some of these rare gems in one place for this cheap a price? Let’s go through them all:

    1. Erasure’s A LITTLE RESPECT-a really good, popular song, a pretty good video featuring the duo.

    2. Yaz’s SITUATION- an edited, club/techno-remix of the song(i prefer the pop-synth version on the album) with a kaleidescope-esque video. psychadelic and kinda cool, but doesn’t even show the duo.

    3. The English Beat’s MIRROR IN THE BATHROOM- nice, upbeat, ska song with a very 80’s looking video(fashion, setting wise) with the group. very nostalgic this one.

    4. Echo & the Bunnymen’s LIPS LIKE SUGAR- omg..great song, good video featuring the band. arguably my favorite of the bunch. very smooth…

    5. Happy Mondays’ STEP ON- extremely danceable, ultra cool, very popular in its day song. and the video, featuring the band, is pretty cool too(then again, Happy Mondays were the epitome of cool)

    6. Jesus & Mary Chain’s HEAD ON- pretty good song(the most ‘rock’-sounding of the bunch) and pretty cool video(with the brothers duo in it).

    overall, good sound and picture quality(for 80’s videos), and really good diverse selection to boot(despite only 6 choices, none are bad). so i highly recommend this dvd….if you’re into the 80’s UK music scene that is. hope there’s a bigger and better vol.2 coming, but i doubt it. as is, this is great stuff.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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