Essential Family Television

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  • Enjoy endless hours of family fun in this delightful collection of 150 episodes from 31 great series, digitally remastered on to 12 DVDs. Included: 1. Adventures of Hiram Holiday, The 2. Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, The 3. Bob Cummings Show, The 4. Buster Keaton Show, The 5. Dennis Day Show, The 6. Dennis O’Keefe Show, The 7. Dick Van Dyke Show, The 8. Ed Wynn Show, The 9. Eddi

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Enjoy endless hours of family fun in this delightful collection of 150 episodes from 31 great series, digitally remastered on to 12 DVDs. Own over 65 hours of America’s best-loved TV Series episodes!Includes the following great series…
The Adventures of Hiram Holiday – 6 Episodes The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet – 20 Episodes The Buster Keaton Show – 2 Episodes The Dennis Day Show – 2 Episodes The Dennis O Keefe Show – 4 Episodes The Dick Van Dyke S… More >>

Essential Family Television

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  1. If you grew up in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, or wish that you had, this collection offers some of the comedy gems from the era. Ah, to return to those days when TV didn’t make it a point to insult your morals, make violence as common as breathing, and simply wanted to entertain you. Some of the shows are hokey, but they never imitate the stupid story lines of today’s offerings (Thank God!)
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. There are some of the very best of “golden oldies” tv shows on these DVDs. They are mostly from the 50’s. These old tv shows are still funny and great entertainment for the entire family. The commercials can be as entertaining as the shows.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. With the absolute garbage on television today these DVD sets are a godsend. You get one-hundred and fifty old television shows, at least 70 hours of quality entertainment! And here’s what they don’t tell you in any of the ads–many of these shows run the full half hour complete with all those woderful old commercials! See the brand new 57 Chevy or the top of the line Brownie camera. Or how about Efrem plugging the next episode of the FBI this Sunday night. Great, great stuff. There are other Mill Creek boxed sets of old television shows, and there worth every penny!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. The twelve single-side recorded DVDs in MILL CREEK’s ESSENTIAL FAMILY TELEVISION contain episodes of 1950’s and ’60s sitcom and adventure series, plus some variety shows (Milton Berle, Ed Wynn, Eddie Fisher) and specials (Phil Silvers, Edgar Bergen). Besides the more commonly seen programs, there’s samples here of some genuine TV rarities, like the Buster Keaton, Jim Backus, Dennis Day and Dennis O’Keefe shows. Video and audio transfer quality of these antique TV films is generally good.

    All DVDs come individually stored in gloss-coated heavy paper sleeves that also provide program data and episode titles. The discs are housed in a space-saving easy-access storage box (front hinged door with two velcro closures). “Essential Family Television” is over 65 hours of classic TV from America’s leading seller of value-priced DVD compilations, MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT.

    Vintage TV fans are sure to enjoy SPIES & LIES, also from MILL CREEK. There’s 50 episodes here from 11 rarely seen crime/action series.

    PROGRAM LIST for ESSENTIAL FAMILY TELEVISION (number of episodes in parentheses)–

    (_6) The Adventures of Hiram Holiday

    (20) The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

    (_7) The Bob Cummings Show

    (_2) The Buster Keaton Show

    (_2) The Dennis Day Show

    (_4) The Dennis O’Keefe Show

    (_4) The Dick Van Dyke Show

    (_5) The Ed Wynn Show

    (_1) The Eddie Fisher Show (“Coke Time”)

    (_1) The Edgar Bergen Show

    (_6) The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

    (_1) The Howdy Doody Show

    (_6) I Married Joan

    (10) Jack Benny Program

    (_2) The Jim Backus Show

    (_2) Lassie

    (_4) The Liberace Show

    (_2) The Life of Riley

    (_6) Life With Elizabeth

    (20) The Lucy Show

    (_5) Make Room For Daddy

    (_5) The Mickey Rooney Show

    (_5) The Milton Berle Show

    (_1) Mister Ed

    (_2) Our Miss Brooks

    (_6) Petticoat Junction

    (_3) Private Secretary

    (_1) Sea Hunt

    (_4) Sky King

    (_1) The Slowest Gun in the West (A Phil Silvers special)

    (_6) Trouble With Father

    Rating: 4 / 5

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