Essential Art House: Throne Of Blood

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The greatest screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is Akira Kurosawa’s visceral THRONE OF BLOOD (Kumonosu jô), starring Toshiro Mifune and Isuzu Yamada as the ambitious warrior and ruthless wife who try to murder their way to power and glory. Featuring some of the Japanese master’s most unforgettable, hallucinatory imagery, inspired by Noh theater as much as the classical source, this is Kurosawa at his atmospheric essential video
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Essential Art House: Throne Of Blood

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  1. I have currently done extensive studies of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I watched Kurosawa’s movie Throne of Blood and was told to compare the two. I tried to note the differences and the similarities. I found very few similarities in the two. I think that Throne of Blood is an ok movie, don’t get me wrong, but I felt that it was no comparison to Macbeth.
    Throne of Blood has a story line that has many differences to the story line of Macbeth. I understand that many of the happenings in Scotland would never happen in Japan, but there could have been more similarities in the movie. A major part of chilling factors about Macbeth is that the three witches just pop up and are very creepy, but the one witch in Throne of Blood is kind of nice looking and didn’t seem very eerie to me; I felt that Kurosawa could have done much more to give the witch a more of a scary feeling. Another difference that could have been added to the movie to make it more like Macbeth was my favorite scene when the door keeper is drunk and has to open the door, and it is a very comedic scene, yet there was no trace of it in Throne of Blood, at this difference I was very disappointed. Also, Kurosawa cut out a very important character in Macbeth! Throughout the whole movie I was wonder, “HEY! Where is Mac duff?” if you didn’t notice or didn’t find it a big difference throughout the movie, I don’t think you watched the same movie! By cutting out Macbeth it took out much of the storyline, there was not a bit of the “Fear Mac duff” or “Not of Women Born.” I felt that this was a critical part of Macbeth, and without that there was not much of a need for the witch.
    There were a few similarities that I noticed throughout the movie, although they were hard to spot. The ending was similar in ways, actually I thought the ending in Throne of Blood was very creative and actually a little more entertaining then the ending in Macbeth. I have to admit if I had watched these two different movies without the help of a teacher, I would have never guessed that Throne of Blood and Macbeth had any similarities; I might have just thought the ending was a coincidence.
    I definitely didn’t find Throne of Blood anything comparable to Macbeth. I feel that Kurosawa butchered Macbeth in so many ways that it wasn’t the same story at all. I strongly suggest that people just skip wasting there time watching Throne of Blood and just watch Macbeth.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. No comment. All I can say it…….. it could have been better.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I’d rather donate blood than ever see Throne of Blood again! It is possible to like Shakespeare’s Macbeth and still abhor Akira Kurosawa’s interpretation, Throne of Blood. After all, when one isn’t at all impressed with the acting, how much can a movie really be enjoyed? On the part of many of the characters, I felt that the gestures, movements and expressions were over-emphasized and overly-dramatic, especially Washiku’s acting. For example, when he sees a ghost while in the company of others, he runs around the room in an attempt to come across as terrified, and all I saw was a man acting. Another example is a situation where four men are talking about rats fleeing. One man’s gestures are so over exaggerated that it seems as if one is watching a high school production! The acting really has to be believable and convincing to positively affect an audience, which was not the effect of this movie. The scenes where men were running seemed so silly, as they appeared physically challenged! For a movie to follow a storyline, such as Macbeth, one needs to believe that the circumstances that create the plot must be believable, even with the inclusion of supernatural forces. This movie did not enhance the believability of the story. The acting alone can ruin the possibility of enjoying this movie, but there are other aspects that contribute to my dislike of Kurosawa’s film. The sound effects, or “music”, (if it even deserves to be called that) was awful in the way that it was rarely used to reinforce the goings-on in a scene, but rather told the story in the scene. Personally, it was much more annoying and displeasing to the ear than was probably intended. If you like the sounds of screeching, pounding and monotone monologue-type singing, than perhaps this movie is for you! The silence during scenes seemed ridiculously and unnecessarily long, especially watching two men gallop through the forest for as long as was shown. Perhaps the newer style of editing was being shown off, and I admit that I liked the lengthy breaks from reading the subtitles. Also in regard to the editing, perhaps some of the characters mannerisms would not have come across as overdone if there had not been such “close” close-ups. The point can get across to the audience that Tsuzuki is fearful without being six inches away from his face, which I believe contributed to the overly-dramatic aspect of this movie. It is not that I do not find

    silences meaningful, it was just that one gets the `let’s move it along’ feeling. The various settings and decor were rather boring and full of empty space which could perhaps be contributed in part to seeing it in black and white. Throne of Blood was not devoid of good aspects, despite my dislike of the film. Whoever cast the roles did a great job of not casting a single remotely attractive person, perhaps to keep us from getting distracted by a nice-looking character, which may take away some of the impact of the story. The story did closely mirror the story of Macbeth, which made it easy to follow. If you want to watch the story of Macbeth, stick with Shakespeare’s version!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I will rather watch the original version of Macbeth than this film. Washizu is such a bad actor and I could do better than him. Only if I could speak Japanese.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Strangely, most of the movies by Kurosawa just didn’t click with me. Only exception is Yojimbo. I was disappointed with Seven Samurai too. I like his style of exploring chracters and conflict but Throne of blood was just OK.
    As a movie lover, I prefer B/W. Often I think B/W is more expressive but in case of Kurosawa, it just make movie dated. Not well balanced. Also, I feel his directing is kind of clumsy, pace-wise. Please do not throw a stone to me.
    Also, I didn’t like Mifune’s acting too. From the beginning to the end, only one expression on his face. Widely opened eyes. last scene was the only scene I enjoyed. How could they do that? Check Yojimbo. Mifune is cool, too!

    And is there any real battle scene really? I haven’t seen one…
    Rating: 2 / 5

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