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  1. I am not sure how I missed this movie but it completely flew under my radar. A girl I was seeing recommended this film and I ended up taking a chance and picking it up on Blu-Ray. I am so glad for the recommendation and that I took a chance on this. This movie did not disappoint at all. Great action sequences with highly choreographed and impressive gun battles.

    This movie has a very interesting view on the future; a society that tries to strip away everything that makes us feeling human beings in an effort to quell emotion, that the society leaders claim, leads to violence, anarchy and inevitably – war. The movie lets you peer into a culture that squashes, with swift brutality, any and all things that spawn passion of any kind.

    Christian Bale is very good in this and the little known supporting cast does an admirable job as well. This is an Alliance title released in Canada primarily and comes to us via import through Amazon. This studio also has current Blu-Ray titles like Kill Bill 1 & 2, From Dusk til Dawn, Blade 1 & 2 and Gosford Park; all of which are very respectable 1080p transfers with great picture quality and DTS Master HD sound tracks.

    Though it does not say on the cover (cover mentions only a Dolby 5.1 and French 2.0 sound track) this Blu-Ray sports a very cool DTS Master HD soundtrack, which sounds fantastic. The picture is very clean and crisp in 1080p HD. The corporate cold and gray culture, which dominates this film, is occasionally met with some very rich colors that pose a nice contrast.

    I was pleasantly surprised how good this was for a relatively unknown film. There are plenty of scenes of brutality and highly stylized graphic violence to wet your appetite for good action and entertainment. If you enjoy Sci-Fi action films this is a must have to add to your Blu Ray collection.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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